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If Dudamel wants to go, it's your decision


March 30, 2019 1:51 pm
Updated March 30, 2019 3:56 pm

It can be assumed that the ratification Dyudameli leading Vinotinto would close the issue of his departure from the team, but it is not.

A couple of weeks ago, his name sounds among the candidates to replace Reinaldo Rueda as national coach in Chile. And Venezuelan Football Federation statement is not over his options, apparently.

Chilean media said on Friday that the possibility remains hidden. Their main argument to & # 39 is a statement of Jesus Berardinelli, Vice President FVF.

"Dyudamel was approved at a meeting in the office in which the vote was unanimous. Now that the plans Rafael sent in Chile, it is a responsibility, and its decision is not the Venezuelan federation, "he said ATON Chile, applications that have been played on ESPN portal.

Berardinelli, one of those who signed the ratification Vinotinto Dudamel, went further. "If he wants to leave, it is your right, we will not put the missed Magdalena. We can not force anyone to stay, "he added.

It is not surprising that the internationalization offered to coach.

"We have a lot to thank the Venezuelan football has moved with him on his project, but we know that all of my end," he said.

Venezuela's coach took the order in the past week, irritated, because "politicized" the visit of Juan Guaidó diplomatic representative in Spain, Antonio Ecarri, concentration in Madrid.

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