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Jos Andrs Miguel Torrecillas, the new vice-president of BBVA


BBVA receives Vice President, non-executive office four months after the departure of Francisco Gonzalez as president. Bank Administration Council approved Monday appointed as the new Vice-President Jos Andrs Miguel Torrecillas, who still ejerca as coordinator and chairman of the audit committee. Answering journalists' questions, the general director, Onur Gen, Neg during a press conference that Andrs Torrecillas leave his post director of the coordinating council of its monitoring in the case of BBVA / Villarejo. Andrs Torrecillas was president of EY Spain between 2004 and 2014 between them.

New Vice President, assembled in the by-laws and regulations banks replace President Carlos Torres in exceptional cases where there is no payment. The European Central Bank (ECB) said non-executive vice-president for the key institutions of governance.

New coordinator Juan Pi Llorens be a consultant, consultant since 2011.

And the president of the Commission on Audit, which also leaves Andrs, happens to take Jaime Caruana, Director of BBVA, and the former governor of the Bank of Spain. As a result, Caruana ceases to be a member of the technology and computer & # 39 Commission; computer security.

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