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Justin Bieber is not yet ready to return to the music, he says, that God defines it, not the car & # 39; career


Pop singer Justin Bieber showed his fans Monday that, despite the proposals received to start your new album, is not yet ready to return to the atmosphere and so far focused only on their marriage.

"I read a lot of posts where I ask for a new album. I spent all my teenage stage on the road and part of my 20 years, and; I realized that I was not happy to do it, and I do not deserve it, or you pay for a ticket to enjoy a memorable concert, "wrote Bieber in a posting on Instagram Monday.

In 2017, Bieber decided to surround himself with the Christian teacher after several problems with the police. In a recent interview with & # 39; S N of Vogue, he admitted that he found that consumed in his car & # 39; EASURES prone to of Xanax, and spiraling downwards out of control. All this once again led to the cancellation of tours them in your life in order.

Since then, the young regularly attended church together and actively sharing their faith in social networks.

"I've been looking, thinking, trying to. Now I'm focused on the restoration of some of the things that have been damaged roots entirely fall apart, so that we can support my marriage and that for which I was created, "stressed Bieber.

Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin

"Music is important to me, but nothing from the & # 39 is more important than my family & # 39; I and my health," the general Bieber.

Bieber said he quickly launch their new album, but he said it was not a success, or car & # 39; EPA that defines it.

"My appearance does not go unnoticed and not my style of life, but His love is supernatural, His Grace is unparalleled … It is the king, who says that if you make music or not," said Bieber. "I'll be back with a vengeance."

The transformation of Bieber is due to give a mentoring pastor of Hillsong Church, Karl Lenz, and Pastor Judah Smith. Both preachers recognized artists to aid in their journey of faith.

Over the years, my wife Bieber, Haley also had help. His father, Stephen Baldwin, also a devout believer who says his faith has saved you from addiction. Both helped the artist in the recovery phase.

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