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¿Karol G Anuel tired of AA? (Video)


Karol G and AA Anuel They have reached a pretty funny relationship, or at least that is what they show when they are in their social networks, even in his music video "The Secret", where they show the constant jokes, making it reggaetonero his girlfriend. Nevertheless, it seems that she got sick once and for all heavy sets your partner.

In his latest video on Instagram Colombian singer, he does not smile a lot, if reguetonero tries to discourage and distract her from using her cell phone. Now that everything is as shown in the video, karol G he would not know what to wait for revenge and a & # 39 is part of the fun relationship.

It is true that karol G and AA anuel They make the most controversial and well-known urban genre partner from the very beginning of their relationship thought that it was all a publicity stunt for their art car & # 39; EASURES. In fact, during the first weeks of their courtship, like singers kept in close secret, reached with his first musical collaboration with "to blame".

And though he was repeatedly asked whether they had started the business, they were limited to not give more details. However, taking his theme in collaboration really bridge for Colombian and Puerto Rico iniciasen one of the most popular relations within Latin music.

The first public approach the couple was at a concert between them, but this time karol G he refused to kiss Anuel against all present. A few days back on the same stage, but this time it was a kiss between them. Before this meeting, the singer of "My Bed" has confirmed the end of his relationship with producer Bull Nenein a few years.

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