Thursday , November 14 2019
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Miguel Bose ¿protested against the journalist?


The drama did not give up life Miguel Bose, after the drama that was to come to light her relationship with Nacho Palau after 26 years, and continued with the legal custody of their children after going through problems with the justice of his mother, and recent rumors about the addition of their health a new argument: the journalist is accused of by physical attack.

This week various media reseñaron, that Mexican journalist Shanika Berman He said that they have been the victim of aggression on the part of the Spanish interpreter in the middle of a dinner offered by the manufacturer telerrealidad Small Giants, after which the singer would leave the place very annoying.

According to the alleged victim, Miguel Bose afónico he came to the meeting "because it is very sad and affected" due to various problems it faces, threw cell phone with his hand and yelling obscenities. In addition, according to the journalist, his original intention was to record a video to show how only a few journalists were invited to speak Spanish.

However, Berman has been sharply criticized by the community, given that no concrete evidence has not changed. Despite the fact that it initially said the exchange with Bosé was not "not dramatic", as it was increpada other journalists, their reaction was negative. Miguel Bose moment not talked about it, and, most likely, will not be .

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