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New AirPods can not be repaired, why?


Completely disposable product

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The new version of the headset has reached the hands of people iFixitAnd how could it be otherwise, they were exposed to test their original maintainability. The result? Catastrophic because rating from 0 to 10 identified as AirPods consumable or disposable product. The reason is not that other, as the inability to restore them in case of technical problems.

For example, the first AirPods there is a problem is detected is related to your battery because, after about two years of use, the battery begins to suras & # 39; serious problems from the point of not be able to upload more. Given that there is no way to replace the battery, then the result will be absolutely useless phone just in the trash.

Given iFixit video, it is clear that, if the same thing will happen with a new generation of headphones, users will be forced to buy a new unit if you want to continue to enjoy their favorite accessory. Do not forget that these headphones cost € 179 (version without a wireless charger case).

This normally can not be recovered for a wireless headset?

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The question you're probably asking, if these products really have a limited life cycle, to be completely irreparable. For Apple, the company, as it is shown that their design is completely incompatible with the possibility of offering to eliminate through the hands of others. Brand officially only offers repair services, which completely changes the accessory, an operation that obviously has almost the same price as new headphones.

But then we find other brands like Samsung, who looks like he has found the right balance in order to ensure product quality and the ability to offer a wide range of possibilities to be repaired. IFixit which was also proved by the new Galaxy kidneys Samsung allows you to change the internal battery sufficiently intelligent process that maintains the integrity of the device and give it a new life in the event of failure.

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