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New Google Maps Photos and explore the place of your photos


How many images are stored in your account Google images? If you frequently photographed with a mobile phone, and marked Google backup application (Something I always recommend), your Photos folder is a summary of your best moments. But could you tell at a glance Where is your photo?

maps pictures They are a great way to visualize the most common sites of your images. Even allow you to quickly find what you are in the world a place to visit: just the opposite scale of the map and assess the empty space in which You did not make a single photo, Your gallery application does not show these cards? No problem, you can get it from Google photographic map.

As a general rule, and every time a privateer option (the camera application is always an issue with the first opening) your mobile associates place where you photographed image itself, For this purpose, data from the Exif, the information embedded in the image file also supports Google Photos. and applications photo Gallery You get a map of where you were shooting.

Photo Map creates a map with the exact location of images in Google Photos

Google images of your photos in the full map locations

Google has not implemented the ability to service their map Photos or application level or at the Web site. It's a shame, because it is not only useful to quickly identify the photos that you want, it is also very interesting, identify areas of the world you visit most oftenDespite the absence of the official service, you can create a map with the application Photo Map.

The first thing to point out that, given that Google saved private information Photos of enormous significance, these photo cards receive photos and have access to your Google Account. Application & # 39 is safe, but you know, the risk should be particularly suras & # 39; oznaUSA Photo Maps on your own risk.

Photo map, creates a map from Google PhotosBut he uses access Google Drive, as photos do not directly provide the label location. Therefore, you must provide the following before using the Photo Map:

  • coming into your google DriveOr by mobile phone or online.
  • Go to settings and find the option "add automatically«Google Photos.

Google images of your photos in the full map locations

  • In that case, if you does not mean it has been quite active: in this way images are synchronized to the Google Drive folder. You will not be deducted from your account space.
  • If the drive is entirely to sync all photos (this is a common mistake), try turning off the option «Anador automatically." Save and repeat the activation process: The drive should synchronize all images with manual reset.
  • You should know that synchronization process may takeAs long as you do not enter into your card, you will not see the full picture.

Google images of your photos in the full map locations

Once you have all the photographic images in the Drive folder simply open photo Gallery and set up a Google account (recalls the consequences of your personal life). Photo Map occur image tags and place them on the world map. Have the ability to view photos on the other card, you can access all the images at each location, increase in certain places … This is an interesting and practical applications.

Photo Map with & # 39 is a free application for its main use: see globally everywhere took picturesYes, you have about the & # 39; make known and to complement the purchase to remove banners and add options. Said micropayments is expensive: 8:49 euros.


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