Monday , April 12 2021

Odyssey episodic murderer expand the legacy of the first hidden sheets. Here's the first trailer

We do not know if you squeezed the most Assassin Odyssey or just make it using Black Friday, but Legacy first latent sheetThe first of the three major content after release are included in the season Pass, you now have a date and cover letter. And it is not so bad.

In fact, although we had been warned about the content, we will see Alexios or Kassandra crucifying direction of the hero, who first used the hidden blade, tying the loose ends between Greek odyssey Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed: The origin and the rest of the saga.

while killer Odyssey Properly improved mechanical and formula AC OdysseyAnd even turn to the ARPG amplified, it can also be considered the most remote from the first delivery. And reasoning and experience.

Something that can bond the DLC, rounding out even more outstanding proposal.

Fight with the legend that the first use skins to change the course of history writing, and find out why the Assassins work in the shadows.

Of course, the really interesting Legacy first latent sheet (History also continue to expand freely due to the lost history of Greece) is that you bet on the episodic format, so that the first episode will premiere & # 39; EPA next week, and a new episode every six weeks there will be released.


Thus, they will alternate between free content and are included in the season pass periodically, culminating in the spring with the release of the second major DLC: Fate of Atlantis.

Of course, you can also purchase the content separately, although subscription includes an additional incentive: in the annex to the two additional arcs -of three episodes unpublished inclusion each- Killer 3 Remastered.


killer Odyssey It is undisputed candidate for game of the year, being the best part of the series, at least, this generation. At this point, you have a week ahead to catch up with all outstanding. Thing starts to get more interesting December 4.

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