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Rare post • El Nuevo Diario


I have heard and read that the Christian Yelich and Cody Bellinzherom Dominicans associated with Albert Pujols gunners and Alex Rodriguez, the record for most home runs before you get in the May gates, with 14, and there is time to go, even for a short time there.

With the options in the beginning of the season, a new kind of mark through the maze of figures, which eventually overwhelming. Both Yelich-continuing his impressive season almost triple crown in 2018, the future MVP in the league and Bellinger Nacional- 2017 NL Rookie of the Year -pelotero restored after last year's firing irregularities 4 of these 14 home runs in the end of March, due to start in preabril majors. So really, they recorded 10 in April.

Alex, a greater impact

Yelich, that before the campaign had dared to say that he did not lose sight of that to hit 50 or more home runs in 29 games was as Bellinzher. This item must be set another difference with Pujols, who recently surpassed L Gehrig and Barry Bonds in the calves with 1,997- and Alex, only one of the two supply that jumped bar & # 39; er 2000 Trailer (2086), together with the leader of the Hank Aaron (2297).

They joined their 14 home runs during the month of April 2006 and 2007, in 25 games, Pujols and Alex at 23. In a way, that the length and how combined Bellinzherom Yelich 10. The most impressive of the & # 39 is that he flew Rodriguez on the fence 14 times in 18 games, the frequency is really strange.

game of intrigue

It is very early in the season to get into the Sur & # 39; serious calculations. Far end of September, but forecasts Yelich Bellinger and invite you to be too optimistic, one of them triple crown? Yelich, most likely because he offered a demonstration …

It will end Bellinzhera 400 something not seen since 1941? I see, it is difficult even to exceed 300. His impact can be carried out in homers and RBIs, but on average it seems unlikely, despite the improvement, exhibited … and 50 home runs Yelich? We could have put a seal, but never connected 40. It is easy to pushing the ball away. Currently, hitting point Bellinzherom 427 pushes the leads 36 and 14 runs; Yelich while an average of 353 points, he runs and 34 RBI downloaded 14 homers.

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