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Samsung wants to make a smartphone screen on the & # 39; volume front and rear, in accordance with its new patent


In 2016, Samsung He filed a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which came almost at the same time as the expected patent we had harmonics of the Galaxy, and recently brought a lot of headaches. This patent also showed us an unusual design, the main feature was the integration of the envelope phone screen covering the front and back.

Finally, this pantente was awarded to Samsung, and now we know a little more of this curious proposal one sided screen smartphoneWhich not only offers distinctive design, but also shows that the benefit of this format.

"All the window" takes on new meaning

According to the patent, it will be smartphone with a continuous front shield which reverse device unfolds, Passing through the top and makes this area of ​​the frame is also used to display certain functions or applications. Something very similar to the Galaxy Note Edge, which allowed quick access and other functions right on the side where the curved display.

If you rely on, we would not have to "full screen" device, but at the bottom we would unshaded area will serve to keep hisDespite the fact that we are not being patent nothing else is written.

samsung toestel

The most attractive aspect of this proposal would be their function, which is expected in the same patent, where the show possible application in real-time translationIf two people can communicate, each in their own language, while other people will see on screen the translation in your language.

Another suggestion from the & # 39 is that we have already seen, this use your smartphone as a mirror while we took pictures, In addition, with one touch of a button on the screen, we can change the app because that would not be in front or behind, because both have the same function.

bediening smartphone

Remember that the idea of ​​a two-screen, front and rear, is not new. Nevertheless, Samsung idea a flexible OLED-display, which covers both phone zoneYes it is.

As already mentioned, the proposal stems from a patent, and there is no certainty that the reality in the future, but we can help to know what you are going to the company's flexible displays for smartphones, a business that will take several years,

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