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Smoking can cause fertility problems in children, according to the study



Mexico A study by researchers from the University of Cambridge suggests that fetal exposure to chronic hypoxia (low oxygen content) during development, smoking and pre-eclampsia can cause problems with fertility in offspring, mostly women.

A study published in The FASEB Journal, and was developed in rats results in reduced oxygen levels in the womb can lead to the fetus in the future to have the advanced aging of the ovaries, according to Notimex.

Other factors that cause hypoxia in utero maternal obesity can be.

To study the influence of the state, experts Laboratories Metabolic Research University of Cambridge put a pregnant rat in low levels of oxygen (13 percent compared with 21 percent of the standard in the air) from the sixth day to the 20th day of pregnancy, they studied the reproductive offspring tract at the age of four months .

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In the study of progeny, they found reducing the number of ovarian follicles in the reproductive tract. Women are born with a fixed number of follicles, each of which has the potential to become an egg.

In humans, women often spend all their eggs around the age of 50, where he could be in menopause.

The scientists found that telomeres (chromosome ends) in the offspring of ovarian tissue is exposed to hypoxia were shorter than in the offspring exposed.

"This is a low level of oxygen will lead to women's ovarian tissue aging faster," said Katherine Aiken, a researcher at the university.

"Biologically, the fabric looks older and a woman would be futile at a younger age," said the expert.

He noted that although the studies were conducted in rodents, there is reason to believe that the results can be translated to humans because previous studies that analyzed hypoxia during pregnancy due to other conditions such as heart disease, have been shown to be true in person.

"Now we see the link between hypoxia and rat fertility problems, we know what to look for in women," he said.

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