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Strange custom, Prince Harry, who is crazy Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle He handed her a large number of environmentalists his new family customs, no less than the British royal house. Furthermore, it outputs the protocol, which completely correspond to the remaining groups of & # 39 are practical, it does not beneplcito Queen Elizabeth II. However, what exactriz not imagine that his husband It retains the strange habit and going crazy.

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In a recent documentary that reveals new facts about the people of the prince Harry He admitted that his father, Prince Charles is adamant on the subject of light excluded. And it is that now I too obsessed. This habit led to the expectant mother to learn how to cope and has repeatedly said the phrase that has more than one person at a time, so you think that you are rich ?.

This Var & # 39; yatstva. My wife tells me, obviously, well, why do you exclude the light? If at night. And I say Slo need to have a burning, why not, as the six at the time, he added. All this is the fault of Prince Carlos, who has always been concerned about the environment and passed on their children about caring for the environment.

Harry He says in the film that in college I took a little bit of hair, garbage collection, because the land has become an unconscious habit. With its theme with the off the lights, Harry joked, when I produced a documentary film about BBC: S I've got a pretty serious & # 39; severe OCD with switches, scary.

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