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Tell me what your sputum, and I'll tell you why


Mexico of course at some point suffered discomfort in your life have runny or overload in the throat and it is likely to hate; However, the sputum is not as bad as it seems.

Mucus is an aqueous gel or mocuso secreting goblet cells and alveolar airway epithelium containing glycoproteins, antibodies, lipids, and other substances.

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Climate, genetics and the immune system, affect its composition. The next day, about 100 milliliters is happening, but if you're sick of it much, and thus, the agency is responsible for avoiding them through the "cough" increases.

Mucus Function of & # 39 is to keep moisture and cleaning airway.

Here are the types of sputum:

white sputum: It is very rare and usually indicates infection or upper respiratory congestion and possible armed bronchitis or allergies.

frothy sputum: This type of signal is a & # 39 sputum disease gastroesofájico reflux. Froth sputum gets when stomach acid passes through the esophagus, the muscular tube causing damage. It also indicates a possible pneumonia and pulmonary edema.

yellow sputum: If sputum is clear yellow, it indicates that the body's immune system to adequately attacking lung infections that are developed. If the dark yellow sputum & # 39 is a symptom of lower respiratory tract bacterial infection.

green phlegm: This indicates an infection in the respiratory tract, and their color is caused by an enzyme called myeloperoxidases (MPO). This enzyme is present in the white blood cells. If accompanied by a strong cough, of course, is bronchitis. It is also associated with mite allergy.

flame brown color: This is very common among smokers. This sputum has particular grain structure. This is a clear sign of damage that snuff and impurities cause the airways. It usually occurs in patients with COPD. This is also from the & # 39 is a sign of chronic bronchitis.

Bloody sputum: It is actually a benign symptom of bronchitis, but when the amount of blood that "paint" the excess sputum tuberculosis can be treated in one way or another, you should immediately go to get medical care.

pink sputum: This type of mucus from 39 & # is a serious symptom & # 39; oznyh diseases such as chronic heart failure. If accompanied by weakness, irregular heartbeat, bloating, swollen limbs and persistent cough, which may be acute heart failure.

For the treatment of phlegm from the & # 39 are two basic types of expectorants are used, the "stimulating" and "direct."

most importantly if there is an excess of mucusOr & # 39 is to consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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