Tenders were suspended in Panama after the complaints of Odebrecht-FCC against the offer In this world


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The Panamanian authorities suspended the Metro 2 line branch tender after acknowledging claims by OHL (Spain) and Mota-Engil (Portugal) groups, against a consortium proposal consisting of Brazil Odebrecht and Spanish FCC, virtual winners of the process with a bid of 102.9 million dollars.

On page Panama Purchase today issued a resolution of the Directorate General of Public Procurement (DGCP) that "acknowledged claims" and ordered "a measure of suspension of public action", after estimating comfortably to make an analysis of administrative files "to corroborate facts exposed by plaintiffs" .

This official resolution does not determine the legal deviations established for these cases.

The claim was submitted "due to the negligence of the background and form of the Commission's report on Evaluation of technical proposals, opening of envelopes and evaluation of economic proposals", details of documents posted at Panamá Compras, the government portal for tenders.

For this reason, the Airport Line Consortium, which includes OHL and Mota-Engil, requested DGCP to appoint a new Technical Proposal Evaluation Commission for tenders, "total cancellation" of previous reports, and to continue with new evaluations. .

The Airport Line Consortium states that if it is determined that the new appointment does not apply, that "partial cancellation" of the Commission's report is ordered, so that the "Line 2 Branch Consortium" is disqualified, because it does not comply with the mandatory minimum financial requirements.

In addition, he requested that an analysis be ordered from a technical proposal from the claimant consortium, because "there is no analysis, objective evaluation, or fair verification regarding technical criteria".

The Airport Line Consortium also stated that the Odebrecht consortium and the FCC "did not comply" with minimum mandatory financial requirements.

On November 1 the envelope opened with proposals from three groups participating in the tender, and the Línea 2 Ramal consortium, which consisted of Odebrecht-FCC, won the highest score, 908, while the plaintiff's consortium obtained 887.

The Brazil-Spain consortium proposed a price of 102,938,604.09 dollars, above 100,956,098.88 from the Airport Line Consortium, but lower than 111,338,772.48 from Spain's Acciona Construcción S.A., another competitor.

The numbers postulated by Odebrecht and FCC result from the amount of $ 88,075,008.26 as "bid price" plus "financing price" of $ 14,863,595.83, according to official information.

On November 1, the director of Metro legal counsel, Juan Cedeño, said that the restraints were opened for claims and that if one was legitimate, the Directorate General of Public Procurement would order "new verification of technical evaluations", such as "the adjudication process will be delayed", for unspecified time.

The branch, which will become airborne and will connect the country's main airport with subway line 2, which is now being developed by Odebrecht-FCC, will have a length of two kilometers with two stations, and the person responsible for work will have a period of 28 months to run it

The capital city of Panama has the first metro line operation since April 2014, built by the FCC and Odebrecht at a cost of 2.2 billion dollars.

The same consortium is responsible for the construction of Line 2, which is scheduled to be opened in part next January and which has a projected investment of 1,800 million dollars.


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