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TESS new NASA mission planet


Big Bang, a huge expansion, which marked the beginning of the universe seemed to be something very difficult to prove. Due to the technical impossibility of direct measurement events; it was assumed that the Big Bang was just a theory that can never be scientifically proven.

However, in accordance with the new wave of scientific thought, the Big Bang would have left some telltale signs that can detect today; from right here on Earth.

It turns out that over the past century, scientists have found most of these signs; one on one, but separately.

Just last month, the research team announced that they had found evidence that many people thought that it would be impossible to detect: the first neutrinos; Only one second after the Big Bang.

Big Bang, and vacuum

Here's how it happened to the origin of our universe, according to the Big Bang theory: about 13.8 billion years ago; We all know, we started in a very small, super-dense point known as the original uniqueness.

Then, trillion second feature expanded arithmetically: twice its size and double again and again; at a speed faster than the speed of light.

Shortly thereafter, the universe as we know it was a soup of fundamental particles of the plasma, in the hundreds of times hotter than the Sun; rough density waves, which traveled through the expanding universe.

Finally, the plasma is cooled so much that these fundamental particles can enter into the individual atoms such as hydrogen and helium; produce free electrons buzz around new nuclei.

Evolution of particles in the universe, photo courtesy of NASA and the CXC

Evolution of the Universe. Photo courtesy of NASA and the CXC

This left plenty of room, so that the radiation flow freely through the universe. But as the universe continued to grow, that the radiation will also be cooled in the end, it becomes invisible microwave.

Each of the steps in the Big Bang theory makes testable predictions. For example, it says that the universe was less than in the past and will likely continue to grow. In 1929, Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding. How do we know that the particles of the nucleus together, the theory also suggests that the initial plasma must be associated with a certain proportion of hydrogen, helium and other elements.

For the proportions predicted in theory, they are in our world today. What radiation produced material cools, it eventually became a microwave oven? Well, what can be seen today in what is known as the cosmic microwave background.

Recent studies have shown it

In 2015, researchers from the University of California, found evidence of these ancient neutrinos in cosmic microwave background. In February 2019, an international team has found evidence-baryon acoustic oscillations of the universe. This "smart" features for a period in the structure of the universe, caused by density waves that propagate along the primary plasma soup after the Big Bang.

neutrino effects of the birth of our universe, were discovered in the cosmic microwave background, and now have been found in the general structure of the universe.

Although there are, of course, the improvement needs to be done to finish "polishing" is a big discovery, it is worth pausing to celebrate. Big Bang is our best theory to explain the origin of the universe.

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