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«The" Ramón Laguna "was launched on Sunday of 100 megawatts"


Omar Prieto: "The" Ramón Laguna "was launched on Sunday of 100 megawatts"

Governor of the State of Zulia, Omar Prieto, said on Monday that last night (Sunday) began operations Ramón Laguna thermoelectric plant of 100 megawatts.

This puts "heat" in a little bit, 15.1% of the total capacity of 660 MW.

"We are in the process of going synchronizing other machines. I am quite sure that in the coming weeks we will cover 100% of the demand in the state of Zulia, "said Prieto.

About the possibility of the chain rotation, the governor noted that "the issue can not synchronize the load control of the & # 39 is perfect, because first you have to rely on a remote from Caujarito and other manual system."

He said: "We had a problem when we try to enter a manual system, there is a community which, at best, tired, do not allow schemes to be transferred."

He emphasized that, if it exceeds six hours, plan administration, "must be the cause, not the administration: it can be a substation is a failure, a power line that make switching circuits, exciting and pulling the chain, may we have some failure transmission mechanism, but it has nothing to do with adversity control the synchronization process, "he said.

He repeated that time still stands rationing electricity. "We were told that we 6:00 i 6:00 they are still supported. Some of them may take 8 hours while the equipment, where the system is to remove the chain meter and another comes, "explained Prieto.

He recalled that the analysis continues, "to see if we can increase the duration of load in the state", which could be eight hours.

As some communities complained that they are only one, two or three hours a day service, even alternating cuts.

City Lossada say they are just "one hour or 30 minutes a day is nothing Who lives ?, Quiet so tiring," said Madelin Machado San -.. Jacinto and Cuatricentenario something like this happens.

On the other hand, self-generation of 300 megawatts mined in Zulia, the government said the Secretary Zulia Lisandro Cabello, who yesterday during their regular weekly balance security, he said, 180 are consumed by Toole, everything else Zulia state.

Cabello said that although there is no specific date when the electrical system is completely restored in the state of Zulia, industrious work plan is divided into three stages: "The 30,60 and 90 days or more. If we manage to recover between 900 and 930 MW, we can take the next step, that is, the possible rationing of 8:00 and 8:00, so to be able to restore the whole electrical system. "

Government Secretary reported that 20 more power will be allocated to filling stations in several municipalities, thereby providing optimum fuel distribution. "And we have seven stations with a power plant in the next few days will be added to the 20," he said.

Hair ended zuliano reports that Governor Omar Prieto already started buying at least 5mil fuses, which will be placed in substations and thereby minimize the risks of recessions in the coming rainy season.

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