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The woman held a party for a divorce after trying for 15 years,


Catherine Navarro, 34, of New Jersey, USA. UU., Could not divorce her husband immediately, since he disappeared and never returned.

Katherine Navarro lives in New Jersey, and it took 15 years, her husband divorce

Catherine, that was only 20 when she married Mark, in 2005, dotage product decided to give each other a total of 8 days before the wedding.

The relationship soon became very toxic, so she filed for divorce in 2012; Mark, I was not ready to give it. If the situation worsened decided to separate, but hopes that Catherine could obtain a divorce, Then the man just disappeared in order to make it more difficult, and the courts have said that a woman can only get it when he showed that he was looking for the sky and the earth.

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Catherine's wedding and Mark came late in a friend's wedding. But when they went to live together, he began to hell, and found that her husband was full of secrets.

Katherine got a divorce in the March 18 to 15 years of trying

If the court accepted his request after all this time, Catherine can not be more happy. So he decided to celebrate with her friends that she called "Start a new life."

About 30 guests enjoyed a cake that said "out of wedlock"

According to thesun portal the whole place was decorated according to the happy moment, as wedding. Cupcakes with phrases: "Boy, Goodbye" and balloons that read "happily divorced"Whether it was that Catherine ordered to make sure that the day will be celebrated forever.

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"When this happens, if you can not find a husband anywhere, and desperately want to reduce legal ties, there is a possibility for file for divorce in his absence, but you must prove that you have already searched everywhere, "said Catherine.

"I was so excited to finally get my mother's maiden name, and get rid of it. This made me very happy. As soon as it ended with him felt that was 20 years old again and had another chance on love, "he said.

Catherine put photos of her when she was alone, and he showed that shining and happy

The sign "divorced" was the one who presided over the whole lot. My favorite was a plaque with the inscription "I would not anyway," said the happy divorced.

"The food was simple, but with friends ate, we laughed and danced all night. It was fantastic. Definitely I recommend a divorce party anyone else, if that happy event, which brings joy and great old memories, "he added.

"Everything happens for a reason, and for me, in the end, it all happened in a better way. Do not dwell on the past and take lessons that give you the experience of each. Life is too short to be in a relationship that does not make you happy, legally or not"Says Catherine.

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