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They found a strand of hair from the Da Vinci will be used to monitor DNA


April 29, 2019 11:56 am
Updated April 29, 2019 24:22

Two Italian researchers have found a strand of hair attributed to the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci in a private collection in the United States and believe that it will be useful to keep track of their DNA, the statement said.

"We found and recovered Leonardo strand of hair. Another thing, this extraordinary relic allow their DNA to keep looking, "said the director of the Museum of Leonardo Vinci Ideal, Vezossi Agnese Sabato and Alessandro historian.

Hair of this universal genius will be shown for the first time at a press conference in Vinci, May 2, the day that will celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of his death in 1519 in France, where he spent the last years of King protective Francisco I.

At a press conference a number of documents that prove the former French hair origin, as well as make will be shown at the exhibition Leonardo lives on the occasion of the anniversary, says Vezossi. According to Sabato expert discovery is not an element to give concreteness of their research on the family genius, who died childless, and who is buried in the castle of Amboise (central France).

The same Sabato and Vezossi announced in 2016 that they were able to find living descendants of Leonardo in an indirect line, in particular, his father P & # 39; Hero and his brother Domenico. "Through genetic analysis of the residue that will be crossed with testing the DNA of living descendants and the graves that we have found in recent years, it is now possible for you to find the DNA of genius," he said the expert.

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