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They must submit to the action plans for the implementation of measles in Puerto Rico


Chairman of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico, Carlos Mendez, president of the body and health of the Commission, Juan Morales, will be filed today House Bill 1303 to investigate the plans for the contingency on the island in the US case against measles

According to Mendes said in a statement, one of the & # 39; resolution object needs to know if there is on the island of protocol for managing possible cases in the United States that have already reached at least 704, the highest in the country in '25, today announced , centers for disease control and prevention (CDC in English).

"For the House of Representatives with a & # 39 it is very important for the health of our people. Recent reports of measles cases, a condition that many thought already exceeded shows that we need to have a day all protocols and plans of action in emergency situations in the case of Puerto Rico, this situation, which is currently experiencing the state of New York registry, "Mendes said in a written statement.

The CDC says that 66 people were hospitalized due to the disease, the disease declared eradicated in the United States in 2000, and that one-third of reported cases of children under 5 years.

About 1.3% of children under the age of 2 years (100,000 children) have not been vaccinated in the United States, making them vulnerable to the current measles outbreak.

"In the north of the resolution is to determine what we have and how we can help to develop a strategy to deal with a potentially dangerous situation up," he added.

Mendez also said that this measure is also aimed auscultar coordination between the Puerto Rico Department of Health with the Government of any State of the United States and the federal government "in the early detection and intervention with the signs of the possible presence of bound virus"

This measure is also aimed at the study of existing training programs for citizenship, as well as for health professionals about the disease, as well as the possibility that Puerto Rico to participate through a physician and researcher at the School of Medicine with the support and contribution to the economic pharmaceutical companies to explore opportunities vaccines and therapies to prevent further spread of the disease.

Morales, meanwhile, emphasized that Puerto Rico "we must strengthen the laws and regulations of vaccination or immunization against epidemics, which are currently being developed and considered a relic of the past, and an increase in deaths."

"Thus, it is urgent House Bill 1303 which seeks to strengthen disease prevention through vaccination among children and students is approved," he said.

Morales also said that this measure provides a flexible and efficient procedure for registration in the Department of Health vaccine intended for children and students of public and private systems, between the ages of zero to 21 years.

"It is also important to enhance education on the importance of immunization among the population," he added.

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