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It's easier to identify icons, greater accessibility of the most important buttons and fewer interruptions so users can focus on content. Samsung with Satu UI, the new interface for Android devices will be available in the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 (and newer models) starting January 2019.

The presentation was made during the Samsung developer conference in San Francisco, United States.

The One UI Proposal is to reset the elements and & # 39; divide & # 39; the screen becomes two for the use of applications that are more natural and easy as well as content. Thus, the top of the interface will be to see the content and the bottom will be for interaction.

For example, in the message application, a new message list starts from the center of the screen and is displayed downward, while above the display area with the appropriate text for each one is displayed.

In the case of photos, when one of them is edited, the shortcut to the edit, write and save options will appear, as at the bottom of the interface. The aim is for users to complete most tasks with one hand and even with their thumbs.

The company stressed that he wanted the iconography to be more recognizable and identifiable (it would add bubbles and more striking colors), so that the user could concentrate on tasks that were important to him. Therefore, this will only show the controls that are really needed, most of which are within range of the finger.

If people want to make a call, for example, you will only see the call button and then, after you start entering numbers, other options such as a video call will appear.

On the other hand, This redesign proposes reorganizing elements in the settings menu so the most used options are grouped better and displayed at the beginning, in the form of blocks. The menu is reduced from 36 items to only 17.

One UI will also enter night mode and various colors for the interface, which can be adjusted depending on the color of the cellphone. For example, if it's blue, you might be able to choose this same tone as the theme for your device.

"We try to embrace the needs of consumers. One UI seeks that users live with a more natural and smooth experience and that allows them to concentrate on what's really important. Hardware and software work in perfect harmony," said Yoojing Hong, vice president user interface at Samsung.

This, in addition, will be & # 39; face & # 39; new to it South Korean manufacturers will be able to adjust content in flexible screen concepts & # 39; Infinity Flex Display & # 39;, also presented during SDC 2018.

Samsung revealed the details of the prototype that would be the size of a tablet and could then be folded, such as a book or wallet, becoming more portable and easier to carry. Initially, Satu UI will be available in beta programs in the United States and South Korea.

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