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«Tropico», the famous game management and resource policy, and can be downloaded iPhone


If you like strategy games, you have surely heard saga «Tropico», Is currently under development Calypso, the saga now has a total of nine games available for PC and consoles, although we must add one more than has been recently launched for IPad and now, so that makes the iPhone& # 39; of Tropico & # 39;.

It was developed by Feral Interactive, which surely will sound like the signing of games such as «Rome: Total War» or «GRID Autosport. "Tropical", in its short life, has been placed at the 16th position in the category "Simulation" in the App Store to 4.7 star rating.

Do you want your island

If you know the saga «Tropico», you will know exactly how the game works. If you are a beginner, you should know that in the beginning you will be The leader of the Caribbean island developingYou depend to turn the island into a tourist paradise, a totalitarian state, an example of freedom or industrial power, the key lies in the choices you make.

You need to construct various buildings, and make sure everything is quiet. Thus, you need to control the population, in order to prevent riots, to reward his allies, punish your enemies, making economic and political decisions of international … In short, take on the role of the president island, whose resources are still unused, all mixed with a good dose of humor.

One of the points of "tropics" for resource management & # 39 are small touches of humor

The principle is simple, because the population is small, and there are several things to look at, but as the island grows, you will have to make more decisions, which will be much more difficult to progress. especially The interface has been completely adapted to the iPhone screenSo that even game with the learning curve is tilted, it will not be hard to do management.

«Tropico» is available for the iPhone in 2015 (ie iPhone 6s and above) with IOS 12.0. its cost 12,99 euroIt is available in Spanish, not micropayments any kind and includes IPad version, and with a single payment, you can play several instruments. Thus, following the internal memory, which weighs 2.5 GB. Android on their availability for the unknown.



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