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Unusual! Unicorns are not fiction: they existed!

Many children around the world released the head on the pillow dreams of having in his backyard spectacular one: a unicorn. But this fairy tale animal, it is not.

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Scientists have shown that really It's a mythical beast yes inhabited the earth and became extinct at least 35,000 years agoReally, any grandmother would fall painters, this creature really was not as beautiful as in the idyllic movies and anime, was a beautiful appearance and frosty as we have presented over and over again, the only reality is that itself has large horn that was its main characteristic.

Unicorn is really, really, was named elasmoterioHe was known as "unicorn Siberia". is extinct more than 35,000 years due to the reduction in the pastures, inhabited by climate change, according to a study published today sets.

Yes, it's true, because nothing of the & # 39 is an animal that swims, you could not do it weighed at least 3.5 tons It requires so much food. It was pretty Rhino Asia Is characterized by an unusual horn, they lived longer than previously thought, according to international studies also clarified the relationship between that extinct animals and the current rhinos.

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Until now it was thought that it is an animal that lives in the present territories of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China, to become extinct the last Ice Age, or about 200 thousand years ago, In accordance with an extract from the University of Adelaide who participated in the study.

genetic analysis made by Ancient DNA Center at the University of Adelaideshow that "Siberian Unicorn» This is one of the last surviving members of the same family & # 39; and rhinos.

Ancestors split "Siberian Unicorn» from the ancestors of all the rhinos of 40 million years ago, Kieran Mitchell said study co-author and researcher at ACAD.

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