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UPEUR 1 – 1 euro: Strengthen, Daring and Bittrex create another anchor marker | CriptoNoticias


A group of six criptoactivos firms, through an organization called the Universal Protocol Alliance to launch the anchor value of the euro next April token.

information It was published in the March 28 and alleges that the token that will is defined as a universal euro (UPEUR), maintain a speed of 1: 1 with euro and It offers owners an annual return of 8%.

According to the testimony of the Alliance protocol universal group consisting of defending, Bittrex, Cred and the Brave, a student at Berkeley Blockchain organization and audit CertiK platform, the goal UPEUR serves customers who want to save their criptoactivos in euros in order to counter volatility criptomercado. The idea is Fiat promote the conversion currency criptoactivosspecify.

In addition, the Alliance team protocol Universal said tied token UPEUR will be given the platform will be available in the UP and defending and members of stock exchanges, primarily in Bittrex. It criptoactivo keys can also be saved to the storage service providers and BitGo Ledger.

UPEUR be a part of the credit system of digital assets credo. In order to earn interest, users residing in countries where the system must be activated to use the application CredEarn standing. These percentages are calculated on the amounts of Cr and calculated provided depending on the number of days and total assets borrowed.

Nevertheless, service operation It depends on what set of rules in each country, Just after the initial proposal it expires, additional terms and conditions, has not yet established, and it will be the result of the project.

This marker also offers the reduced form, if the owner of the token to lose access to the private key. To do this, the private key will be divided into several shares, and its management will be integrated into the user's portfolio. If a user wants to restore the assets, you should contact the third party to recover the secret key. However, the team did not provide more detailed information about this recovery process.

Universal Protocol Alliance last year He developed a similar initiative by issuing Marker tied to the dollar It identified as universal US dollar (UPUSD). In addition, he began a week ago other criptoactivo called UPBTC, ERC-20 Ethereum marker attached to Bitcoin value which, according to its developers, can be converted easily from UPBTC to Bitcoin. This marker joins a long list of linked markers that have flooded the market in recent years.

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