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Ups and falling prices for Bitcoin throughout its history | CriptoNoticias

Recent market news criptomonedas implement one of the fall in prices Bitcoin more significant this year, despite the downward trend was dominant during 2018.

This situation, which has deteriorated in recent weeks has caused alarm investors, which has led many to a sense of surrender, an attitude which may include throwing in the towel and not wait until prices recover. Fortunately, there are still a large number of "hodlers"I want to keep and save them criptomonedas resistance, weathering fall criptomercado.

Among the many experts to make recommendations, as part of the management strategy at this time low, it is not to panic and be patient.

Knowledge of the behavior of the market, in its short history, it may be useful to take this experience as usual. After all, well worth the price to revise the history of Bitcoin, which over the last 10 years are characterized by large fluctuations. here cycles that characterize cryptocurrency and to demonstrate that the current downturn with & # 39 is not the first to make it happen, and it probably will not be the last.

June 2011 lthe first big drop

Although cryptocurrency was born in 2009, the history of their contributions is available from August 2010, when access to the graphical BuyBitcoinWorldwide site, even if criptoactivo beginning to be realized on an ongoing basis with the creation of homes suras & # 39; oznyh changes since 2013,

To this date, price has been calculated transactionsTion with the specific TheitcoinSuch as the exchange of two 10,000 BTC pizza something & # 39; and in May 2010 or the purchase of 5000 BTC 150 CZK, $ 27 in 2009 as transactions, BTC unit was quoted around 0.5 US cents,

February 9, 2011 price Bitcoin exceed, for the first time prices 1 dollar, Staying more or less stable in this quotation in the coming months to start to rise slowly in May and peaking at $ 29.6 on June 8, 2011.

Bitcoin price by mid-2011 Source: CoinMarketCap

After this rise, Lthe first big drop prices Bitcoin It happenedor eL 11 In June 2011, when he became a mercenary to $ 14.6 down to start with a few ups and downs to $ 6.55 in August 2011 and reached its lowest level in November of the same year, when it traded at $ 2.00.

Reduction at the time was more than 90%, and influenced many early investors. According to the analysis, this low period Deen June 2011, refers to the publication of the report silk roadKnown black market and the dark web is closed June 1 of that year. There he claimed that the operations at the site have been carried out "under a pseudonym and Bitcoins», paying attention to cryptocurrency.

ups and downs with 2013

A few months after liabilities of $ 2.00 per unit, in November 2011, the market began to recover from the Bitcoin fluctuate around $ 4 till the end of the year, from trade to more than $ 7.00 in January 2012. However, after how I get about $ 7.40, it was a new fall to $ 4 in February.

Nevertheless, maintain a steady growth in the second half of the year and it ended 2012 with a value above $ 13. That was in 2013, when cryptocurrency experienced a second large rise and fall, after being more or less constant between 2012 and 2013.

2013 is the beginning of a bullish phase for cryptocurrency from $ 49 but one the second major grow and drop occurs 9 April 2013 when, after several upgrades, the Bitcoin peaked to $ 230 apply only in a week. up to $ 68.

Bitcoin price in April 2013, in accordance with the CoinMarketCap

On the & # 39; emergence of exchange and trade promotion in criptomonedas taken as one of the reasons for the growth of the Bitcoin, which leads to more extensive coverage in the media, which contributed to the price exceeded the bar & # 39; er $ 200 and reach 3 digits.

Analysts also linked this situation with the currency crisis, who lived in Cyprus, where for 12 days, were warned citizens from making bank transfers. This is done, by the way, many Cypriots came to the Bitcoin, to protect themselves.

Nevertheless, the biggest fall of the same year This happened inTre NNovember and December 2013If the price was close to $ 1,200 after a few months in stable, close to the $ 100 level. The highest peak was December 4 with quote of $ 1147, it will fall on December 6 to $ 694.

Bitcoin broke $ 1,000 in 2013, according to the table CoinMarketCap

After this date criptoactivo not experienced the ups and downs to fall to $ 522 in mid-December 2013 a further decline in the beginning of January 2014 reduced the price of about $ 300.

breaking in Mt. GOx and falling with 2014

The cost of crypto currency has recovered before the end of January 2014 is around $ 900, to fall in February to just over $ 500 (a drop of nearly 50%).

Bitcoin price for February 2014, in accordance with the CoinMarketCap

This drop occurred after a row house Mt. GOX exchange, announcing that the first platform to buy and sell bitcoins, and one of the most popular at the moment was broken. The case made headlines after the disappearance of 850,000 Bitcoins, exchange for the month of February 2014 for $ 450 million and $ 27 million in cash.

Exchange house filed for bankruptcy before the event, and then managed to recover 200,000 bitcoins. From that date to submit a user went to court to recover the funds and the current Commissioner Escrow exchange house sold part criptomonedas to compensate the victims.

This incident set a negative precedent, raise doubts about the safety of Bitcoin and damaging cryptocurrency value. The rest of the year, prices ranged between $ 300 and $ 600. From 2014 Bitcoin He only returned to exceed $ 1,000 in 2017.

2017: a big year Bitcoin

The most popular price hike criptoactivo was in 2017, a year that has seen the growth and progress at the level of the sector, which was previously thought, with an increase in the number of exchange offices worldwide and more interest criptomonedas market.

Starting this year, Bitcoin has a quotation about $ 1,000 with a record above $ 1,200 in February, it was surpassed by reaching $ 2,000 in May. This amount continues to move in the next few months to more than $ 7,000 in November and reached a historic high of about $ 20,000 in December 2017.

Bitcoin price for December 2017, in accordance with the CoinMarketCap

Among the factors that have been identified as the driver of a large rise in 2017 to the & # 39 is the launch of F & # 39; yuchersav Bitcoin. This fact, according to a study conducted by the Bank of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, shows how the introduction of financial instruments, which were still outside the talks criptomonedas criptomercado can affect the behavior of prices.

2018: Low prices, growth in the sector

After rising in the form of foam at the end of 2017, in 2018 began a period of continuous decline, reaching its lowest point in November of this year, when it fell below $ 4000. This decline was seen as a blow to investors. After looking forward to 2018 to the present time, the price to the levels reached in December 2017.

Nevertheless, in spite of the failure to take into account the growth reached criptomercado at this moment in the history of the Bitcoin, which helps to see this fall as part of the natural cycles that followed criptoactivo in their year. Criptomercado growth seen in the following graph BuyBitcoinWorldwide, reflecting the increase in prices of 148770% Bitcoin per cent over the last 7 years:

Bitcoin percentage price increases for BuyBitcoin Worlwide

The following table shows the increase in the price of the Bitcoin, in dollars and in percentage terms compared to the last price of the last week, last month or last year. It is also seen progress BTC price over the last 2, 3, 5 and 7 years. The figures show a large growth of the market noting that, despite the current recession, there is an exponential difference in the prices of one or more years.

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