Monday , April 12 2021

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The dollar continued its rally in Colombia and in the interbank market for the first hour and a half of operations Pointed trading price of 3246 pesos.

Nevertheless, average sales rate of US currency in the same period in the market is about 3235 pesos, more than 12 pesos higher than the official price (TRM) today are designed to 3223.95 pesos.

On the first day of the week currency began five pesos higher than the official price, but so far this morning reached a compromise on the minimum price of 3,221.6 pesos.

US currency growth comes at a time when the price of oil on the international markets recovering from the low occurred last week.

According to international agencies, lI Brent oil prices rose $ 1.06 to $ 59.86, Although progress has been limited by the dark prospect of demand and uncertainty about global economic growth. This reference to the crude still accumulated loss of 7 percent on Friday.

In turn, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) was 50 cents to $ 50.92 a barrel. The International Energy Agency forecasts that world oil demand will exceed 100 million barrels per year in 2019.

A stronger dollar, high prices on the cost of credit and the threat of global growth path escalate trade disputes between the US and China, disposal of assets by investors, which are more relevant global economy, such as a stock or oil.

In November alone, hedge funds withdrew more than 12 billion dollars in the oil market, calculated on the basis of a record fall in Brent and WTI crude oil inventories and long options against the average oil price over the last month the image.

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