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(VIDEO) Diosdado Cabello reported new arrests after evidence gathered by phone Marrero


March 30, 2019 – first deputy chairman of the Socialist parties of the Kingdom (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, said there were more arrests of "other charges. Marrero phone that works a miracle is all so clumsy that the recording of all conversations, financial transactions, threats, attack plans; And there everything is written down, and we as a government are obliged that the investigation comes to an end.

These statements were offered as president of the ANC in the march on Saturday near the village, where he also told the audience: "If we are not afraid of US imperialism, but those who are trying to undermine the order in the country."

Cabello said the government is also in talks with the opposition, every day, even with the popular will the sector: "In all the political meetings. There's even a section of the popular will does not agree with the Var & # 39; yatstvav trying to lead us to a war without end. "

From the point of mobilization Catia Cabello, he said: "We made the mobilization throughout the country. We have opening acts command public body PSUV ".

"The point here is the unity, organization, alert and ready to go in any situation. We are not afraid of imperialism, "said Cabello.

In addition, the ANC president also called on "all out. The right failed to mobilize our people on the streets. "

"We have shown that we are ready to meet any attack. In this city we attacked 23 days to make you feel insecure and stands there fighting, "said Cabello.

In a different vein Cabello stressed that the opposition "is leading the country into an endless war (…) There is a meeting with all the political circles. When they go for the Var & # 39; yatstva we prepare all you have to do. We organize our people. "

The presence of the Red Cross in the country Kabe said: "The Red Cross here, because the Bolivarian government allows, he has nothing to do with the Var & # 39; yatstvam humanitarian aid. There meetings were held with the Red Cross. "

Hair also took the opportunity to inform the nation: "We already have a plan for the nation in 2025 as a constitutional law."

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