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We do not advise on Venezuela, we


March 30, 2019 5:54 pm
Updated March 30, 2019 6:00 pm

Henrique Capriles, the former governor of Miranda State, expressed hope, Pedro Sanchez, head of the Spanish government, though not advised in Venezuela Secretary General PODEMOS Pablo Iglesias.

"The Spanish government, the only thing I would say, not Mr. Iglesias and its surroundings, who advise them on Venezuela, or they affect their position in Venezuela," Capriles said in an interview with & # 39; nd Efe.

Capriles avoid Spain's position estimates in relation to the political crisis in Venezuela. "Venezuela's problem with the & # 39 is a problem of Spanish domestic politics, I do not get into a Spanish domestic policy," he said.

"If the government of Pedro Sanchez, as the government on the other hand, he wants to support Venezuela, so be it, I will not vote in Spain or choose which of the & # 39; is the president of Spain," he added.

Capriles said that the Spanish government should know that in Venezuela there are Spaniards who suffer, so that their duty to watch over them.

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