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Xiaomi DC dimming realize their phones with OLED-display


Xiaomi Mi SE version 9 or Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 & # 39 are good examples of Xiaomi rates on liquid crystal technology in their models featured. One type of panel that is saving energy and pure black, and plans to further increase its efficiency along this 2020.

The company plans to introduce this technology in their offerings DC dimming panel AMOLED, solution improve energy efficiency and neon panel, Alternatives such as Black Shark 2 and include, and high grade Xiaomi another beneficiary of this technology.

OLED technology makes more efficient software

Xiaomi Mi 9

We have already explained in detail that the DC dimming, but to put it in context, we can summarize a technology that allows you to save energy and reduce flickering bar, This is achieved by setting the value of 0 as the voltage to prevent the panel 10 and the values ​​as the maximum brightness. Depending on the ambient light system decides to use a value.

Constant current dimming reduce vibrations incurred panel to reduce brightness. Thanks to the more efficient management of the minimum and maximum values, the whole process achieves optimized

this technology It can be implemented through software, What did Xiaomi Mi 9 DC DIMMING taking one of the beta versions of MIUI 10. Now, when we read in Gizmochina, director derpartamento Xiaomi software ensures that from May 1, this development will reach a stable version of the device.

After updating my 9 other firms terminals with OLED-panels will get this featureIncluding terminals with some time on the market, as the Xiaomi Mi 8 or Xiaomi redh Pro included.

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