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8th grade girl hanged herself at home


Before that, he went to work, my parents BTMV (grade 8, junior high schools Lushan, Baolki City) detects panic daughter hanged at home, immediately remove the rope screaming people put down V., but she died.

After receiving the report, the authorities conducted a site inspection to determine the cause of the incident.

According to preliminary data, 30/3 in the morning, during school, a high school girl and friend V. classmates quarrel aloud in class.

The reason is believed to be child V. classmates stole 50,000 guests. After high school, come home to hurt B. Incident.

Immediately after the incident, the Department of Education and Training bảo lộc city, guidance and high school teachers have visited Lushan, condolences on something & # 39; s grandchildren B.T.M.V.

According to the school, a student of docile, have a good academic record.

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