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A child with her husband Meanwhile, Ha Ani tired still "link" to keep the fire


"Although tired, we still take the time to eat separately, go on a secret. Kiss, embrace will be a catalyst for the marital relationship ", the share of Ha Anh.

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Since marriage and childbirth, supermodel Ha Anh often shares his views on marriage, motherhood experience. Recently, Ha Anh attention when shared secret "hold fire", who nodded, because … sister is also true. Listen to more than its share of supermodel about parenting, keeping feelings to her husband and plans to give birth to the West 2nd NHe!

Ha British supermodel usually gets a lot of attention when the exchange of opinions on marriage.

– Hi Ha Ani, after the birth of her first child in mid-2018, your family life & # 39; and disturbed a lot?

Of course, our life, if Myla child has completely changed. At first, 2 pairs of focus on work and spend time together, calculations revolve around "Holidays will travel where?""today you have what?"… The time has come to take care of a young child grew up to see every day.

Watches, our actions have to change things to suit orbital food, baby sleep, especially for the first time when she was a newborn. From the comfort during sleep "new curtain dark dream"Qi"around absolutely no noise"I have to adapt to work hard all night baby, feeding, changing diapers … and the thrill of sleep.

However, the time is gradually becoming Myla everything becomes easier to May 9, we begin to feel familiar and more confident in the care of the child. 2 couples trying to gradually return to the trajectory of his life, such as sports, promise to go out to dinner, and so on …

After the birth of her first child, the couple's life changed Ha Ani.

– Famous Ha Anh has prepared very thoroughly (both mentally and physically) for pregnant women, breast-feeding is best. So you have to go through a lot of situations, unwanted troubles?

I always try to prepare the best spirit. In addition, the knowledge and practice, only to learn, but difficult to predict. In addition, although in theory the fact of how each child is different, it can not happen that her path.

The problem is probably not, but it certainly confused many. Not only spawn, education, education of children, but also to control their own emotions, balance and look for your partner anymore. But all can be overcome and adapt, if spouses of painstaking dialogue with each other. Learn together, exchange how to take the children and talk about their feelings.

Although no problems suddenly, but Ha He admits that there are many things messed up during pregnancy, during labor and delivery.

– Be ready to face difficulties during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, but where you feel that the most difficult to overcome?

I see pregnancy and childbirth easier than parenting, especially parents. My wife and I would hand the child care how to deal with children much as possible. Therefore, whether hired nurses, we, first of all, I always try to manually take care of children, as diapers, feeding, bathing children, play with children, VY child to sleep, to coax the child's cry, the night of childcare.

As children become when they grow up, depending on the conditions it matures from birth. We always try to be the first to find solace children, surrounded as necessary to talk with you, with me, to teach and testify to the daily development of the child.

People do not believe that celebrities should hire people like me to help you and childcare. But I do not need to prove anything to anyone, no one should have to praise him, because I knew that all the adults, my children will grow up successes was the first witness. If you hire people is not difficult, but we understand the connection between our family members & # 39; and her baby.

Whether conditional hired a nanny, maid, but wife Ha He always spent time caring for a child.

– Ha He once shared: "Once the child is not easy to have romance, passion, especially if lack of sleep, which is eager to crave sleep more … husband," So, you have to solve this problem, "craves sleep more traction husband. "How?

Not only my husband, probably more tired, because he had to get up early the next day and go to teach all day. Many at 8 pm the second half of the couples who have exhausted, just wanted to sleep. But we always talk about feelings with each other, and said our last attempt to keep the fire of love.

Many couples I noticed often shy or honor, not to mention the need for communication or personal feelings. For us, and especially for me, it is very important. So I felt that I was a woman attractive, there needs to be loved, the desire … so I do not forget her mother outside a function, the first one was a woman.

Therefore, although sometimes tired, we still take the time to eat separately, each time, confidentially, gestures, emotions, kissing, hugging … of which caused the emotion, the catalysts for the marital relationship. I think, as adults, do not hesitate to share it with your husband or wife.

Ha Ani openly shared tired, but still maintain the marital relationship "hold fire" marriage.

– After repeatedly voiced response time make pumpkin 2 available to make your first child "scared"?

I'm not afraid, I am concerned only with physical health and well-being for themselves. I think that women older mothers also has a "mission" to live a healthy, happy life. I do not understand why society encourages women to give birth? She decided to have children or not, kids, for anyone, at any time be subject to health, ability, psychological, life circumstances, preferences, life goals and your partner use?

We are people, exactly where the machine is programmed many years ago, that they should get married, produce offspring. So in fact, I never feel pressure that told outsiders. I'm just having fun, and a little ahead of many issues, but their story.

– The West's reaction, like when your husband so violently childbearing 2nd story?

The husband is always respectful feelings and my thoughts. He knew that I was pregnant, give birth. Everything goes in and out of my body, so I was the last decision. I do not want to abandon her husband have two children, but only to say that I'll think about it when she Myla more. Now it's time for my recovery, mental, back work and childcare Myla most thoughtful way.

Ha Anh confirmed not because of "fear" after the birth of their first child, therefore, a strong reaction in the 2nd story of the birth.

– So, delivery Ha Anh plan 2nd How?

I have not decided anything about it. It all depends on what the child will grow as Myla our lives, sentimental wife mounted … At the right time, everything will happen naturally.

Now I want to spend most of the child-rearing time Myla, a great experience things inside me, whispering conversation with me every morning … and then a couple of builds emotions. Absolute rather satisfied 3 more than half of the dive dive with 4 or 5 people. For me, the quality is always the winning number!

– Thank you Ha He spent time sharing!

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