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Actors Minh Tiep not want her second child, like girls than boys when "accidentally pregnant"


Actor "Throw doll 'assertion that he did not want his wife is pregnant 2, but when the" ridiculous ", he wanted to be a girl.

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In 2011, actors Minh Tiep surprise marry less beautiful 13 – tui Pham Duong. At the present time, after 8 years of marriage, the couple had a daughter, cute, cute. In a recent interview with & # 39; nd media, Minh Tiep and wife have not yet disclosed plans to give birth to their first child 2, although there have been great, and the actor has made many representations of children.

Minh Tiep shared the 2nd child.

Minh Tiep sharing, I see a lot of people awkward when asked too many times, trying in the middle 2nd child was born the son of the couple. Actor point very clearly, because his wife had a tumor in the breast, so that he does not want to risk the health of their child's second wife Regardless Minh Tiep excellent, absolutely can have more children, but he is living now, if only daughter.

Even the actor said he and his wife tried to avoid so as not to have any more children, and if the "funny", he also wants a second baby girl. Therefore, when someone is joking 'with & # 39 are weak, or the stars, which lays daughter "or make" go native son, daughter, and then make a "do not disturb Minh Tiep. At the same time he said that if other people have such thoughts, that it is the lack of knowledge.

Minh Tiep said he enjoys life there is only one daughter, when the "funny" too, like this girl.

"Men are not present in a biological daughter or son. If the language & # 39 is a good girl, it was a thousand times lucky with petty son. In fact, I know that a lot of headaches when it comes to dealing with the consequences for the sons " Minh Tiep representing views.

Earlier, Minh Tiep wife also showed only daughter. As reported, a little emotional, how to talk to adults and independence very quickly. Special baby loves to share a house with my parents. "Every time I cook like you would not sit still, he himself cleaning the house, folding clothes, toys, cleaning."

Current Minh Tiep lives happily with his wife and daughter, got a lot of admiration from the public.

Actors Minh Tiep not longer with the & # 39 is a strange face to television audiences as a & # 39; to appear in several films such impressive Blue morning, heart Programming call at 0 hours, Quynh doll… Before the wife, the actor's personal life has received much public attention, if confused questionable series dating Vbiz beauty, like the violin, Minh Ha, Quynh Ng, Jennifer F …

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