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If the convoy took us – the people of Hanoi – in the B & # 39; Yen Hoa, on vehicles such as a ringing voice: "Route B & # 39; Yen Hoa there!".

Everyone looked out: a huge road and straight to be divided by low walls … it looks very strange. On the highway when his car without lights, but the spiraling operation, the light like stars ck.

Phan Thanh Gian bridge (now Dien Bien Phu Bridge), Saigon street & # 39; to appear on a scooter, mini-bikes, the girls let out a leisurely long hair in long dresses or short dresses, young man, "a tall, thin doll" flared trousers firmly shirt kiosks beautiful lights …

That night, we will stay in a building on Ham Nghi Street, wake up early in the morning by the sound of crunching the Old Market. Representation is not so "prosperity" as something that I have not heard of Saigon, but nothing that brings a touch so simple and easy to close. A few months later, I still go to school and have many friends at school, on the street where I live oil.

I'm getting used to the Saigon Saigon through sincere and polite aunt sales in the market to curb trishaw riders, from his servants to the teacher … I'm used to the rain Saigon to go quickly and just as quickly, leaving fresh air in the city during the hot days.

For me, climate and weather & # 39; I, as well as those who are actually nice Saigon. While it is still nostalgic about childhood with Hanoi in the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, but two of the rainy season Saigon it became clear sunny nostalgia when I'm away from the city.

Saigon when it was Trinh Cong Son music, Ngo Thuy Mien, Westlife … Akai orchestra sounded through the cafe, or a necklace, a bolero in the alley, where the slums …

Saigon is a very large urban centers, and also a new vanity change the date, but within remains silent to contemplate the human condition ever fragile in the war.

40 years, Saigon too many changes, but the first memories of Saigon is always there, never changed. Because I, Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City with the & # 39 is home.

Since then, many have been in April …

There in April, I can see you from a distance. However, we came up with "both sides", but close to each other since the day there, and later you go, but thanks to the sincerity and compassion, when you look into the past, "let the children tomorrow, too, sitting together, we are relieved when we met." First I met one doubts that in the last time, because then you go forever.

April has another friend of mine who died young, veteran Saigon, told me in a cafe around the more grueling scene old days April: let leave to facilitate! Life goes on, even if the past is closed, although we can not forget that this is the only thing that we can not change. Mostly let us do good things for the future.

Those veterans who take part, I know what they went through during the hot war. Apparently the age of "intellectual fate," they know that a simple thing: in the stifling April May downpours have to …

On the last day of April is still the peak hot days, but this is a city that had the first rains. If it is fair to expect rain was not hard to figure out the breezes carrying moisture-laden clouds and water flew and thunder rumble signals the rainy season was about the city.

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