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Because the descendants of Zhuge tragic death at the hands of Sima Yi posterity? -The world


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Zhuge Liang and Sima rivals one of the Three Kingdoms in China, but over time, the descendants of Sima Yi is also the only galaxy descendants of Zhuge Liang dies in bitterness.

Because the descendants of Zhuge tragic death in the hands of Sima Yi posterity? - 1

Sima Yi Zhuge exceed about parenting item.

Within three kingdoms Zhuge Liang Hong Ming Shu Han and Wei Cao Sima often referred pair rivals approximately equal strength, poor audio.

Zhuge visible and capable military position to predict the opponent's moves. At the same time, Sima Yi to fame by patience to the extreme, did not flinch.

In terms of coaches, two characters that were later assessed as relatively equal. But in the context of the results of the Three Kingdoms gradually drifting into the final stage, the descendants of Sima Yi is more dominant, the overthrow of Emperor Cao Wei, also a descendant of Zhuge generals only under post-owner Save sympathy – the son of Liu Bei.

The difference in how parenting

According Qulishi, comment on this aspect, Zhuge Liang Hong Min outsider than once confronted with the disease, but died when the company north of the ticket has not yet been completed. Conversely, with Sima & # 39 is one of the most long-lived in the Three Kingdoms period, life expectancy of 73 years.

Although many argue that discussion of power, Sim Yi Zhuge two talents estate capital with & # 39 is high or low chair. But in fact, Hong Ming during his lifetime was two aspects do not match their opponent their Sim.

Because the descendants of Zhuge tragic death in the hands of Sima Yi posterity? - 2

Zhuge Zhan – son of Zhuge Shu officers only Chinese.

The first age problem. Due to the fact that Zhuge died before Sima Yi. Son of Zhuge Zhuge Zhan was later Han Shu officers simply, without any significant contribution.

Later, Zhuge Zhan Shu dominant military troops blocked beat Cao Wei General Assembly and the ominous command failed. Zhuge Zhan died Han Shu map here also stops.

At the same time, the two sons of Sima Yi to & # 39 is Sima Shi and Sima Zhao all taught from childhood, and later Colonel-General Wei, the other pressed Emperor Wei style himself as the Tang King, held power for a long time.

According to Chinese website Qulishi, the second problem is how to educate their children. Zhuge Liang and known as secondary god. Thus, how to educate their children, also affects some of God's army. Shu then headed to the post of master Liu Shan What incapacious capital, again for a long period of Zhuge main mortgage name.

If Zhuge Liang died, Zhuge Zhan was not going to rise to power, but the department several vacant police, said it was common sense.

In contrast to the teaching of Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi in the past many times will you have to fight with him. If a child with a head impatience that, Sima Yi is known mites, the direction you take vision of contemporary composition.

Descendants Sima Yi disruptive galaxy

And the court of his father in court, Zhao Sim to move quickly on the appropriate school. He served many positions proconsul Luoyang and Tan Thanh Huong actually became.

Because the descendants of Zhuge tragic death in the hands of Sima Yi posterity? - 3

Sima Yi and two sons in Chinese dramas.

The uprising period, Sim Sim and Zhao Shi likely that he & # 39 is the main tidal island, overthrowing King Vågå Cao Phuong and built a puppet emperor Cao Mao.

Finished in the rebellion, when his brother died, Sima Zhao Cao Mao brought to Luoyang. He pressed his style of Cao Mao as offensive, with 6 continents and 2 parts of Tin district in Xuzhou established directly in the Wei Jin dynasty, the same way that the king of Wei Cao Cao did when the overthrow of the Han.

Before compression Sima Zhao Tao Mao refused, he collects feedback on government troops Sima Zhao. Planning makes Cao Mao Exposed killed. Sima Zhao Yen founded the kingdom to create a full Vu Cao throne, called Wei Yuan Empire.

Year 263, Sim Zhao, who is waging a war not only sent two generals and the General Assembly Shu sinister land also get "easy as turning the hand." It showed the superiority of the children against Sima Yi Zhuge Liang's descendants.

Year 264, after the murder did Shu, felt his influence in the government strong enough, Sim Zhao pressure to create a full house to attack the kingdom themselves, expand the territory home Tan, visiting religious father Sima as Tuyen king he Sima Shi made the landscape of the kingdom, sim chose death Inflammation in the One world.

In 265, Sima Zhao died. Sima Tan King Inflammation create a complete reset officially crowned emperor, he created a ton, called Emperor Wu Jin, visiting religious grandfather Sima tons Gao, ie Emperor founded ton, get the respect his father Sima Zhao Tan Van de, with the effect, as the temple of Thai.


Sima undeniable advantages in building the foundation for the future offspring of unified galaxies formed Western Jin dynasty survived but why only 4 life? All subsequent periods will write about this period.

The descendants of the tragic death of Zhuge Sima Yi in the legs How?

At the end of the Three Kingdoms, the landscape gradually ends when Wei Zhongyuan domination, Shu Han decline and eventually collapse …

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