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Broil makes one person killed, 2 injured in debt collection


31/03, provincial police CSHS Ba Ria Wung Tau province in cooperation with Chau Duc District police investigating kills occurred in Da Bac commune chow Duc District is 1 dead, 2 wounded.

Preliminary information on the 30/03, Nguyen Ngoc Chung (36 years, to live so Bac commune) were Nguyen Nhat Thach (31 years), Nguyen Thanh Do (19) and nephew named Cuong there 5 young people, including Hung, Thai, school , by Huynh Ngoc Tri, and Germany (24) are two motorcycles to find Cuong demanded 4 million in debt.

Quarrel during debt collection makes one person killed, 2 wounded - photo 1.


Aggressive youth group saw a familiar Cuong took the money paid in lieu. However, the youth groups that require additional 400 thousand to 2-party interests quarrel, rushed into battle. Cuong had fled to a nearby house to leave.

He is currently working to dissuade the Secretary-General to use the machete slashing Huỳnh Ngoc Duc. Anh Chung captured, but the tool used German knife several times with a knife in his face made him Chung collapsed on the spot. The victim was taken to hospital but died.

Broil while collecting debt makes one person killed, 2 wounded - photo 2.

Weapons seized police force

2 familiar victim Thap and Nguyen Nguyen Nhat Chengdu rescuers also hacked and seriously wounded.

After committing the crime, the German group fled, police caught the night Hung and Thai. Private School and Tri Huynh Ngoc So come CSHS Provincial Police Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province surrendered.

News, photo: Ngoc Giang

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