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Bump almost broke my shoulder Donnie makes Jet Li bumper must also be


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Not only that Donna almost broken shoulder a powerful blow, Zhao Long Zou Li also praise the post of intense military.

Not too surprising for the Chinese martial arts movies, Buffalo Long Zhao was the player's name from different series like Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Jackie Chan shy. Intense martial arts, faced with angular, sharp and careful in their work always eat voice, so Zou Zhao Long often take on the role players, murder.

Bump almost broke my arm does Donnie Lee also had a bumper for - 1

It looks cold, sinister face makes Buffalo Zhao Long stands out villain.

He studied martial 4 teachers of various sects, including Wing Chun, five animals, taekwondo, Thai authorities. Reaction force Trieu Long Zou good, solid foundation of martial arts. What does the audience the most unfortunate star they had never participated Buffalo competition and individual achievement.

Child poverty Obscure

Zhao Long buffalo was born in 1967 in Taiwan. Growth in eastern seven poor & # 39; ads siblings, 5-year-old Zou Zhao Long joined boxing class. 6-year-old had to go to work to earn money.

Acting under the age of 12 years as a stunt, complex scenes, during an accident, scratches, sweat and tears that Buffalo Million Long permanent and more mature.

Bump almost broke his shoulder makes Donna Lee also have several recovery - 2

There's impoverished past, Buffalo Zhao Long all efforts to build a car & # 39; career.

12 million Long predestined to be exhibited in the cinema and become a stuntman. Life on the set, full of hardships, but he spun it in person, your skin iron copper.

Work and always do our best in each role, he was the summit in your eyes. At the age of 18 years, Zhao Long was the star of martial arts veteran, to play a role in the reaction of 1 power and have to say that this is a turning point in his life.

In 20 years, Zhao Long decided the development of Hong Kong's car & # 39; EASURES. Here I would like to get itself as his teacher, and officially became a member of the Hong Gia.

Be sure to finish the work and tireless efforts, he was boss of the summit attention and acceptance, support trendsetter in the side of power. He also brought a turning fame and success in Buffalo Zhao Long.

Zhao Long buffalo that name, many Chinese martial arts players must be careful.

Cooperation with Donnie Yen in the fuse film, tours Zhao Long blow almost too strong a little further misdirect blade fans. Amateur Yip admitted after the accident, I really respect for the right to charge a buffalo before Zhao Long.

Bump almost broke my shoulder Donnie makes Lee was also a bumper Clothing - 3

He almost hit Donnie fractured arm when engaged in «Fuze».

In addition, Zhao Long Zou Li also praise martial arts in deepening mutual cooperation in the adventure King. Or as I said hurt many times, as too strong attacks of the actor, born in 1967.

Not only in the film of martial arts, Zou Zhao Long also try to the comedy genre by partnering with Chow in Long lowest rating (1994). Suppose villain Zhao Long run but Buffalo was successful incarnation makes people admire.

Bump almost broke my shoulder makes Jet Li Donnie bumper must also serve - 4

Zhao Long buffalo in Chow movie.

He entered the film capital Hollywood

car & # 39; EPA Buffalo Zhao Long peaked and reached the international level in 2000, when he was invited to direct the Hollywood martial arts blockbuster "The Matrix."

As expected, Matrix has been successful beyond imagination, when he won the prestigious Oscar Award. Zhao Long buffalo also be borne in mind, and offered to take on a supporting role in the online-villain in the "Matrix 2".

Bump almost broke my shoulder Donnie makes Lee was also a bumper Clothing - 5

Zhao Long buffalo in the "Matrix 2".

There is a momentum conducive to the world's capital of impact the film, but Zou Zhao Long decided to return to Hong Kong continued dedication to the cinema in the country and participated in films such as Huo Yuanjia, four pronoun complement, murals, … Buffalo Zhao Feng Yun Long battle art for many works of Chinese classics, such as a city under siege, Ashes of time …

Erotic scandal that the car & # 39; EPA collapse

Successful car & # 39; EPA Buffalo Zhao Long names are different, but the adultery scandal with young children old enough to make the Chinese industry buzzing entertainment. Who was secretive about his personal life, always modest, no less shocked by the news.

But the picture shows Buffalo Zhao Long caress the long legs of the girl, who shared the headliner on the network before the end of 2017 as rumors spread that strong.

Bump almost broke my arm does Donnie Lee was also a bumper Clothing - 6

Monument Arts stroking his long legs picture girl doing amazing Chinese wave of show business.

Owner photos adds not only an amateur thing, but also a "pedal several boats," with its mean-spirited. Zhao Long buffalo than girls above 24 years, but never cared to indulge her.

And also often go to eat and go to the hotel together. Upon detection of Buffalo Zhao Long courted the other girls, this girl is angry and decided to publish the truth.

History is becoming more tense when she said n & # 39; they Buffalo Zhao Long asking for rape. So she agreed to be his girlfriend. In addition, the 19-year marriage to the beautiful Buffalo Zhao Long Vi Hong Kong has long been no more new inspection lovers should not go find entertainment in the street.

Bump almost broke his shoulder makes Donna Lee also have several recovery - 7

19-year marriage to the beautiful Buffalo Zhao Long Vi Hong Kong has long been no vision.

Although Buffalo Zhao Long everything possible to deny that the pictures from the & # 39 are a product of Photoshop, but the application image lovers men quickly collapsed.

Although later he apologized to his wife and children, but Zou Zhao Long still makes fans disappointed. Monument martial arts talent of this collapse.

Video: Monitor fighting between Buffalo Trieu Long and Donnie in «Fuze».

Three Kingdoms: a fake girlfriend boyfriend the truth, Zhao Long?

229 years, Zhao Yun died in Hanzhong, Shu soldiers I would have been unpleasant. However, his identity remains a mystery …

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