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Can Tho from players for countless rock Own: Oddly coach Nguyen Thanh Dan | In the & # 39; etnam football


After 39 minutes, the 1st half of the match, Binh Phuoc Tho met National Cup qualification, fruit punch hosts saw goalkeeper Minh Nhut are raised from the gate, Captain Tho Nguyen Van Quan turned and shot with a tension broke his team. Obviously, this is not intentionally push style leveling bounce the ball back to the keeper. Because, standing where Minh Nhut if returned whether the army to push the ball in the thick, with light pressure and close the position. For this result with the & # 39 is a straight shot they lacked in Xuan Thang ago. If La Xuan Thang bricklayer and responsibly say: "I have balls that not only because I am not alone," Wenjun refused mistakes again.


Army convinced VFF and VPF will be treated suras & # 39; ozna can hang hour life. Virtually any to assess the situation deliberately broke. However, the army does not know the rules of football, have adapted, with a penalty, when the player pushes half of the owners that the ball did not touch anyone, it will not be considered as a target.

In addition to the gate of the army action, it is worth mentioning than behave coach Nguyen Thanh Danh Tho. Mr List shows Quan asked where questions on the field. After the match, Nguyen Thanh Danh more than justify the army: "There are two major factors that lead to the shadow phase, firstly, because of the cyclone in the game, and the second individual techniques Wenjun not good after twisting trauma wounds." Incredible as training of workers, whom he list can be explained as such. The fact that he was Military List as public opinion questioned the coach Nguyen Thanh Danh big?

Obviously, the VFF discipline must take into account the responsibility of the coach Nguyen Thanh Danh in the game mentioned above.

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