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Chinese fishermen fishing boats obstacle in the & # 39; etnam in a joint fishing area in the Gulf of Tonkin | events


Day 31.3, in Ha Long (Quang Ninh), the Ministry of Agriculture – Rural Development in collaboration with the People's Committee of Quang Ninh province held a scientific conference "Review of 15 years of implementation of the Gulf Cooperation on fisheries agreements in the Tonkin & # 39; etnam – China. "

At the conference were heads of the Ministry of Agriculture – Rural Development between B & # 39; etnamam and China, as well as leaders of the coastal Quang Ninh Province in the & # 39; etnam from Quang Tri.

Reports at the seminar, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture – Rural Development in B & # 39; etname confirmed that the agreement on cooperation in the field of fisheries the Gulf of Tonkin in the & # 39; etnam – China & # 39 is one of the most important agreements is of historical importance in the negotiations on the demarcation of the Tonkin Gulf between the two countries.

The agreement is valid from 30.06.2004, the period of validity of 12 years and 3 years, automatically extended the validity of the grant approval of the government. Accordingly, both sides of the joint fishing established measurement zone 33500 km2 ranging from 20 or lower, parallel roads closed Tonkin bay, boundary line 30.5 nautical miles on each side.

Regardless of the total area of ​​fishing, the two sides also agreed on the location of the transition region for 4 years in the north of parallel 20 for vessels of both parties are still fish. After a transitional period, 2 boats fishing rights revoked in its exclusive economic zone, if the other party does not allow …

In 15 years, the fishing boats of fishermen in the & # 39; etnama outdo the Chinese fishing vessels. According to the Ministry of Agriculture – Rural Development, only 17% of 26-022 fishing vessels with a capacity of 20 CV in the & # 39; etnama licensed regional agreements signed by the water. Not only that, for the first time, the fishing boats of fishermen in the B & # 39; etname mainly mined in B & # 39; etname waters. Fishing tools of fishermen engaged in a joint fishing zone is mainly a small court, chips, limiting equipment. Also in the first phase (2004 – 2009), test force, under the control of China held a total of 44 authorized in the & # 39; etnamskaga fishing vessel with a total fine of about $ 3 billion. From 2009 to the present, fishing vessels and fishermen in the & # 39; etnama not work in a joint fishing area authorized.

Meanwhile, the Chinese fishing Court, operating in the waters of the agreement is equipped with high power, modern equipment and dominant than the fishing vessels from B & # 39; etnama.

It should be noted that the Chinese fishing Court, which works with numerous violations. In primetime, fishing vessels licensed to fish in the mediation excessive, but it is used for smuggling purposes, transportation of oil temporarily imported for re-export to Van Gia port (Quang Ninh) in China or retail gasoline at the waters in the & # 39; etnama, complicating the security and good order at sea.

Furthermore, part of the Chinese fishing vessels with high power, which works as a bottom trawl operators in general fishing overflows fishing fishermen in B & # 39; etname sometimes drag fishing net in B & # 39; etname causing dissatisfaction lead to disputes and conflicts. ..

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung, Deputy Director General of Fisheries (Department of Agriculture – Rural Development), said that in addition to positive aspects contribute to the stabilization of the overall situation of the sea fishing fishermen of the two countries are now able to see the biggest constraint that fish stocks in the Gulf of Tonkin is on the decline, and over-exploitation, especially in some invasive fishing, exploitation of the wrong area, wrong route, affecting marine resources as a ravler; Fishing State Court of violating the provisions of the agreement is still in progress.

"After the expiry of the agreement, each of the parties and to make recommendations to the study of renewable fish resources, the reduction of industrial capacity and an increase in patrols and control of industrial activities in the Gulf of Tonkin» Hung said.

For China, Mr. Yu Chang Hans, Deputy Minister of Agriculture – the development of China's rural areas, said that the conflict in the sea is inevitable and minor discrepancies can be resolved peacefully. In order to get a general agreement between the two countries with the & # 39 is the result of tireless diplomacy and partly to bring positive effect to the parties. "15 years, we can clearly see the overall agreement, cooperation is better than no cooperation, no mechanism is better than no mechanism and continue to develop, the better redone from scratch. let us hope that the future of fisheries cooperation will be successful, so much the better, "said Mr. Chan Yu Hang.

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