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Cong Phuong went 1-3 defeat Incheon


The second game in a row, the Phoenix went to the bench when the game is 3/4 of the passage of time. Prior to that, he was the coach Anderson came in Sangju Sangmu 0-2 defeat in the previous round 3. This time there is no other scenario for a team not from the & # 39 is a striker Nghe still leave the field empty-handed.

Shortly after 15 minutes, Suwon Bluewings was when Yeom Ki-hoon Opener successful implementation of the penalty area after 11 Incheon United defender handball in the penalty area.

photo 1

CUN Phuong efforts still take advantage of opportunities in this area, but not enough to make a difference

Visitors responded, sending the ball strongly and then equalize 1-1 after only 6 minutes, Jung Ho-com.

Do not take the division points at home, Suwon Bluewings Incheon United tolerate overwhelming and quickly increased the lead to 2-1 in the first half of 2 Adam Taggart.

Nothing left to lose, coach Jorn Andersen bring Phoenix entered the game (68 ') seek an attempt to equalize. Once there, the striker showed strong determination, play energetic and aggressive, attacking the ball to help Incheon United has improved markedly.

The most typical situation up to 77 minutes, Phoenix co-ordinated attacks on Kin Jin-e, but the Korean players are not Suwon Bluewings beat the goalkeeper at the end of the phase.

Stands without effective Incheon United paid third goal when Adam Taggart complete double scoring 3-1 Suwon.

After this match, Incheon United Phoenix further 4 points after round 4, № 8/12 on the graph. 5 in Incheon return home to Daegu FC in September 2019/04/03.

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