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"Continuing revenues" – VNS

Bloomberg said that the administration and investment recommendations of a company's shares on the day 2018/11/27 movements in the market.

Closing session of 26/11, VN-Index rose 3.06 points to 921.03 points. Meanwhile, HNX-Index fell 0.29 points to 103.98 points.

I inclined slightly up

(AO securities in & # 39; etnam – BVSC)

"The market is predicted to tend to increase slightly with fluctuations, strong segmentation between the current stock in the next session. Investors should choose stocks carefully and thoroughly in this period. "

An increase in the regional market trends

(Securities Corporation Bank for Investment and Development in the & # 39; etnama – BSC)

"In connection with the UPS in the domestic market rose by a trend of regional markets with the MSCI index rose 1 48%, including the Japanese market sentiment wait for positive changes from the G20 meeting held in the coming weekend."

continued profit

(FPT Securities JSC – FPTS)

"Volatility Index Correlation to 02 floor today to see the effect of foreign cash flows on these indicators are rising, particularly when operations are concentrated in a few large-cap stocks. On the basis of the variable f & # 39; yuchersy on the Dow 30, the US market is likely to have a positive recovery session.

In addition, the status of ETF as the discount narrows sharply. Thus, if psychological factors remain unchanged, the market in the & # 39; etnama is likely to continue the rally. However, this status, if the risk of a long latency, if the negotiations US – China in the framework of the G20 summit did not bring the expected results.

The deal now remains only to promote trade target price reduced capital or seek opportunities in f & # 39; yuchersnym contract. Expected follow the trend should remain suspended until improvement in liquidity. "

Maintaining a balance between portfolio funds and stocks

(JSC in the & # 39; etnam Dragon Securities – VDSC)

"Two indicators are mixed with VN-Index increased slightly, and the HNX-Index fell slightly. Liquidity fell sharply on both exchanges. These two indicators tend to go to the roundabout in the short term. Investors need only to maintain portfolio balance between cash and shares. increase in density should be carried out only when the session with the & # 39 is a successful breakout of the resistance. "

925 retest highs

(AO securities in & # 39; etnam – VCSC)

"Technical signals reaching the VN-Index, VN30 and HNX are still positive, but signs of weakness with the & # 39 are more and more clearly. The forecast for tomorrow, the VN-Index and VN30, and is regulated by a large lid may retest the nearest peak at 925 points and 900 points, respectively, before retreating to the end of the session.

Not benefited from large stock, HNX-Index may have a tendency to decrease to test MA10 and MA20 support in the range of 102.5 to 103 points. A breach of this level, HNX index lost positive signal to return to trend sideways or decline.

We recommend investors to gradually reduce the share of short-term share of lows bulletin last week, and this strategy will continue to apply over the next few sessions. "

Floating in the range 900-930

(AO Securities Saigon – Hanoi – SHS)

"Forecast, 27/11 on the trading session, VN-Index will probably continue to struggle, and a party in a range between 900-930 points to the low liquidity of the platform. We maintain our recommendation to investors if the morning there is a high proportion of shares should continue to watch the recovery phase to nearly 930 point threshold to sell a lower density.

In the opposite side, the investor, if the proportion of cash is also not so quickly and to consider only the payment when the market is trading success to break the threshold of 930 points with a good liquidity, to confirm the bottom of the model 2 perfection. "

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