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Danang – Haiphong: Hero corner kick, missed heart attack 90 + 7 Football 24


Sunday, 3/31/2019 19:36 PM (GMT + 7)

(Video Football – Football, Danang – Haiphong National Cup qualifying) match took very dramatic until the final seconds.

Game Evolution Danang – Haiphong (Copyright VTVCab)

Since it is a match between the teams in the V-League must be used as the foreign soldiers. Trinh Danang So went on the attack, along with Do Merlo, while Jermine Lynch and Diogo are two dual Fagan Haiphong.

Danang - Haiphong: Hero corner kick, missed heart attack 90 + 7-1

Fagan advantage of a rare opportunity to Haiphong

Da Nang played a rather active and Germany Chin was very prominent with the ball and the ball, coordinate grip. He did goalkeeper Van Toan which sent the ball to roll for 10 minutes before the ball is supplied to the sliding end Bonnie 31 minutes Khayfon Lynch also responded after 13 minutes with a penalty score is directly inserted into the vertical column.

After the 1st half goalless, the match began tense and dramatic than half 2. Thanh Tam has the ball shot over the bar after 48 minutes and coordination Bonnie So Chinh and 3 minutes across the sea they also responded to throw people Dinh Bao wheel wrench. In minute 60, Do Merlo put the ball into the net, but was arrested in position & # 39; etnama Haiphong.

Da Nang continued to dominate, Do Merlo has a header inaccurate So Tignes almost hit the ball glanced Manh Hung and 79 minutes, the opportunity to eat at least a & # 39 appeared in the stock came Frankie, but Van Toan obtain permission from the person phase after down traps In the & # 39; etnama.

Haiphong no more attacks, but on 83 minutes they have a rare opportunity and took it. Pham Le Thanh Long Corner and allowed Fagan is very high in the first phase of the jump punch knife. Danang quickly filled, but the chance to Merlo and so Chinh had large amounts of protection Haiphong prevent falls.

Statement 2 hours and 5 minutes of injury time in a row is a heart-pounding scenes from the & # 39 are before the ball hit Haiphong. Free kick 90 minutes + -vyzvali confusion, and not the player Danang before football training in half pretty empty before Mitt was a defender of Haiphong, blocking dangerous shot after a pass German Chin.

Minute 90 + 7, Bonnie had to come in to do an unmarked header in Haiphong to the protection of almost stand still powerless, but the ball went narrowly post. Shortly thereafter cut referee whistle ended the match, Hai Phong officially launched in the next round.

Score match: Da Nang Hai Phong 0-1 (Half 1: 0-0).

goal: Fagan 83 & # 39;


Danang: Van Hung, Van Hoan, Thanh Hai, Minh Tam, Japanese, Robert, Manh Hung, Edson, Michel, Merlo, so Tignes.

Haiphong: Van Toan Phuc His, Dinh Bao, Fagan, Mbolimbo, Lynch, Schmidt, Ngoc Tang, Wang Han, Kvki Trung, Thanh Long.

Dac Lac - HAGL: blockbuster opening point, the star draftee redemptive merit in & # 39; etnam

HAGL made important player scoring with B & # 39; etnama.

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