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Dr. Le Hoang Son so as to "create" 70 international articles ISI


Assoc. Dr. Le Hoang Son – Institute of Information Technologies, universities – is one of the 10 young people a typical Hanoi 2017. He is currently with the & # 39 is the deputy editor of two prestigious international journals in the ISI category and join the editorial board of several other international journals.

Dr. Le Hoang Son with the establishment of 70 international articles ISI - 1

Assoc. Dr. Le Hoang Son

Science with a & # 39 is the great passion

Student days he was "rebels" with a desire to make their own game and make the game snake (snakes), simply by Pascal programming language; some software to create a screen saver with Visual Basic 6 to friends admit.

College graduate, Le Hoang Son realizes the great passion of research so far contributed research contributes to the creation of new products useful to society.

With him, the College of Natural Sciences, higher education institutions with the & # 39 is one of the best conditions in the country for basic scientific research. Many teachers from the & # 39 are the leading experts in this area, these are people who, he learned a lot, both professional and life skills, behavior, behavior.

"I think that learning is not only expertise, but also lifestyle and exemplary behavior. Students will learn more if the teacher around, "he shared.

He said that when doing research, it is important not to do, where to do something. For scientific research have the opportunity to succeed, must be good topics of choice, find new ones, plus a contribution of teachers and their own efforts. If not enough 3 factors you where it will be very difficult.

Thus, in the course of previous scholars, Dr. Le Hoang Son has been selected under the program under the sandwich guidance of Professor Nguyen Dinh Hoa, the Institute of Information Technology, Hanoi National University and Professor P & # 39; er Luca Lanzi, University Politecnico di Milano lecturers, Italy.

Ideology and a clear mandate, it has consistently conducted a study and successfully defended before maturity. According to him, preparation of external or internal, not compromising the quality of scientific research.

More than 10 years of research, Dr. Le Hoang Son has published 125 works, including 70 articles in international journals, ISI category 5 books and types of books, taking some & # 39; I guide many research students, graduate students, and to perform various Topics of the state, at the ministerial level in the field of artificial intelligence and knowledge mining. He also had the honor to invite reported at many international conferences and prestigious in the country.

Owning many achievements of scientific articles and studies, very few people know, Assoc. TS. Le Hoang Son had a dream to become a doctor for the poor. Although he moved to the educational environment, attached to information technology, but he was able to "meet" childhood dreams and to create products that are relevant to the community during the research in the field of informatics – Health.

By Assoc. TS. Le Hoang Son is one of the crucial turning point, to carry out the current car & # 39; career when college graduates.

"If I have the opportunity to foreign companies for software, because every point in time internship in a company in the country while University. At the same time, I sent the Master is not to take exams and be stored at the University of Natural Sciences, "he said.

"I asked myself, his biggest passion, what? And I realized that this research to create new products that are useful to society. I was working at the University of Natural Sciences far. Time has proved that my decision is absolutely correct. "

Dr. Le Hoang Son with the establishment of 70 international articles ISI - 2

Assoc. Dr. Le Hoang Son in the ceremony of 10 young faces typical of Hanoi

Experience to improve themselves

His subjects are mainly descended from practical problems in connection with the needs of society. He always thought that good research should be based on practical requirements, which leads to improvement and breakthrough in theory, eventually returned to serve the community.

Most of the studies conducted by his group often have a cooperation of experts in various fields such as earth science, health, environment, economy … in order to create meaningful products community. The role of the connection, the division specialized tasks and to coordinate the implementation in order to achieve maximum efficiency with the & # 39 is that he has always taken care of, put on top.

Before the IT Institute, Assoc. TS. Le Hoang Son worked at the University of Natural Sciences universities than 10 years as a researcher at the Center for High Performance Computing. Working in an interdisciplinary computing environment has helped him a lot of experience in the deployment of practical applications to connect people doing computer science sets and specialized.

He has participated and implemented several products on the geographic information system, weather systems and forecasting landslides, diagnosis … from & # 39 is the current issues and engaged in at the moment. He always believed that the people who do the service of science, that allows people to make a specialized application deployment, service life, community service, disaster risk reduction, …

"While at school, my favorite thing is to be involved and to make the experience meaningful products. The support team also helped me in achieving these goals ", Assoc. TS. Le Hoang Son share.

When you switch to the Institute, Assoc. TS. Le Hoang Son had the opportunity to work with leading experts in the field of information technology, exposed major problems, learn and rub to enhance the experience. IT Institute as a & # 39 is home to some of the experts in various fields, such as GS. Dinh Dung (Ta Quang her prize in 2017), Professor. Vu Thi So (former director of the Institute of Information Technology, Institute of HL vastu), Assoc. Nguyen Dinh Hoa and many other specialists.

"For young people like me, most importantly, experience and training, lifelong learning; there so make ever more fully itself. That is why I decided to go to the Institute of Information Technology, VNU, «he said.

Current IT Institute also has many groups to build intelligent systems group Prof. Dr. Do Nang total work as a software support diagnostic medical imaging diagnostic service health Smart, the group Dr. Dinh Van Dung and Dr. Le Quang Minh, research and development networks and infrastructure of "smart cities", the doctors group in the & # 39; etnam Vu Vu makes the suction geographic database, as well as some of OCR products, handwritten text …

By Assoc. TS. Le Hoang Son, an intelligent system of electronic interaction steps in the roadmap and building "urban intelligence". Experts have spent a lot of time and dedication to develop strategic products, which are very important in the era of CMCN 4,0. Thus, he always believed that if the investment and focus on the deployment of a whole, the frame of "electronic government» and «Urban Smart" (university SmartUniversity in Hoa Lac) can be completed earlier appointed.

Dr. Le Hoang Son with the establishment of 70 international articles ISI - 3

Assoc. TS. Le Hoang Son: «Only the self-education and self-discipline can bring new solutions for themselves"

To succeed due to failures

Assoc. TS. Le Hoang Son also said, "In order to succeed, you need to pay by eliminating I am no exception There are studies that do surveys is not possible to estimate and evaluate the wrong plan … Meanwhile, users offering feedback, even likely breakdown products. At the same time, I learned the most important lessons in the process of research and application. "

Assoc. TS. Le Hoang Son mind to do any activity also need passion, because if not passion, it is not going anywhere. However, the characteristics of professional research, to challenge and to interact with the difficult problem unsolved. In order to find out the truth, you may have to repeat the experiment several times, each time whether we would not be able to learn something. Thus, the quality of researchers following patience: "He is on the road", "Nothing complicated just not afraid of an unstable heart."

Pigments The study is also a good thing, but only accounts for 1% failed. According to him, it is also very important in the study, to listen, to hear from colleagues who have come forward so that we can learn from the experience in the organization of experiments, it may inherit the results are effective.

The latter quality is very important from the & # 39 is the ability to self-learning, self-study. The researcher is quite secluded, sometimes it is necessary to solve a question that has no answer, and even the teacher and his colleagues are not resolved well. Only the possibility of self-learning and self-learning can provide a solution for themselves.

"One of the quantitative criteria for assessing the success of a scientist with the & # 39 is the recognition of the community, especially the international community, and scientific achievements. Of course, to achieve this is to go through a long process of striving, the restless ", Assoc. TS. said Le Hoang Son.

As a young man and passed the stages of research, I understand the desire and the fact that young researchers need to effectively carry out scientific research.

"I myself was also head of the laboratory studies on" The open and production of knowledge "at the University of Natural Sciences consists of many members in various universities in the country to participate in the study for more than 10 years.

I believe that the young officers, if possible, should be involved in the study, according to the group to be able to create products and scientific sense applications. When participants in the study and challenged with practical problems, skills and quality of researchers will be honed and improved, "he shared.

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