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Endgame has brought the image of the fat as a joke?


(Note: Since this article will reveal the contents of the movie Readers should consider to learn more.)

The article on pages 29/04 days, Out magazine raised the question of how to & # 39 is Avengers: EndGame There is a picture of people who are overweight, it is made fat treat for the audience or not? If the film is located at Thor lowered in yeast, alcohol for 5 years and became a member of alcoholic sagging body.

Spoiler warning: The Avengers: Endgame there is a shark figure as a joke? - Photo 1.

Become a friend of laughter and audience

During the first half of the film version of Thor alcoholic fatty muffle (Chris Hemsworth) just laugh for the audience, and the central character of a superhero party jokes, insults. If Hulk and Thor rocket looks in his hut, the first to see the shape of Thunder degradation, ferrets Rocket entirely suppressed, but said: "You look like an ice cream flows from the well," Here, perhaps, the movie will always be laughter broke out crispy.

Spoiler warning: The Avengers: Endgame there is a shark figure as a joke? - Photo 2.

Entrance to the house of the Torah, the Rocket will encounter a scene perfect male body showing six zones.

But this image is gone.

Internet magazine noted that, perhaps, for the most part the audience figures shark unhappy ceremoniously slot on chickens screen & # 39; tackle. Photos Thunder sleep after 5 years of failure can not be more pathetic. British underground in an oversized shirt, his hair disheveled and just got out of the eye wear sunglasses because the light was not looking for a long time. Since then, every time he is the son of a poor audience appears to be laughter.

Author of the article on the Out page, decrees problem why god in Norse mythology – Thor is likely to be obese? And the purpose of this story is nothing if not bring a joke. Avengers become the most powerful man punching bag for weight gain overdone. Even the mother of Thor, the goddess Freya also patented a "smart" and themselves "very decent salad & # 39; eat me!".

Teammates are underestimated due to the & # 39; appearance

Since a & # 39; appearance, Thunder comrades have repeatedly underestimated the team. If Thor offered voluntarily driver glove indefinitely, he said: "People need to know in my veins run something or not?» War Machine is ironic that "cheese sauce, is not it?". No one noticed that in our veins flows the blood of Thor & # 39 is the god. Offspring had little interaction with the rocks of reality (Reality Stone), Thor and body withstand the impact of the thunder, it is, of course, will be less than when using a damaged team infinity glove. But just because a little fat, Thor get your friends right from the vehicle type messages.

Spoiler warning: The Avengers: Endgame there is a shark figure as a joke? - Photo 4.

War Machine Thor ironic that cheese sauce is flowing in his veins was not blood.

While teammates discussing looking stones infinity character Chris Hemsworth, to indicate how the audience laugh. He was appointed to review the past with regret, and telling the story of a split with ex-girlfriend. If the Avengers to discuss how to find the stones, where Thor sat blankly, perhaps … I fell asleep on the couch.

On this point, according to that the way the Torah was later, when he was a chubby guy village. Marvel photographs shark reflect superhero defeat, immersed in humiliation and suffering can not overcome their failures. Belly slit ceremonies almost debunked all the beautiful pictures superhero lightning control. The longer length of the film Thor as a joke.

If you are fat, it is no longer worthy to be a superhero?

Smooth to the image associated with the villains. With films comics, video games, etc. … Where to find the villains also oversized. Penguin in Batman as man, the Blob in a series of X-Men, Kingpin, etc .. For Disney, many, but Ursula the sea witch, the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland lost … Questions jokes, comments about the smooth people themselves alone with & # 39 are chewing on entertainment products, that people who are overweight do not be a hero. Endgame at the entrance, the image of the arrogant man, is also used to lower the man is a superhero just went. If you are fat, it is no longer worthy to be a superhero longer.

Penguin and Blob – Two Man villain image attached to the Stout.

Endgame work that talks about grief, loss, and above all defeats. Philip after the disaster, sopildisesa superhero must face his own flour. Captain America has formed a support group to help the survivors, Tony Stark is still unable to overcome the disappearance of Peter Parker. With regard to the Torah, it's just … a shark up. The loose, long bitter alcohol, food is harmful result from the & # 39 is obesity, to see this "punishment" Torah for himself, to abandon completely the image "as handsome as a god." But Marvel used it as a way to make a joke to entertain the audience.

Spoiler warning: The Avengers: Endgame there is a shark figure as a joke? - Photo 6.

Compared with other forms of grief, Thor simply getting fatter.

Fat gays in the book, the author writes that Jason Whitesel fatness often associated with the impression of the female body, the picture is called "women are degraded."

"The characteristic of fat, sagging threat to masculinity, and in opposition to the organ suppliers, human capital acquired from the routine of discipline." The author wrote, referring to the man in the waist, chest, and is often identified with the image of oversized fat woman. Since then, the nature of courage and decreases are funny elements. That's why gays often with the words "No fat, no vnut" on your search criteria in the pages to make one on the Internet. Since sharks are considered less capital-sur & # 39; serious male. Superhero with a & # 39 «phoot», as well as violated in the "rules" of "branches" of the community. No body hunting sure – not a man not of the & # 39 is synonymous with the true superheroes.

Spoiler warning: The Avengers: Endgame there is a shark figure as a joke? - Photo 7.

Ranks superhero standing, ready for a fight. You have to understand, is not enough anyone?

But wait …!

Drill! Read here that you begin to feel anxious? Be patient and keep going forward. The last film, Thor was one of the main three-way battle with Thanos. Guess how he fights? Nevertheless ceremony slot belly fat, full of Beaver crackers, but the power of the spirit is reborn, the Thunder back strong intense lightning defeat the enemy. And gloomy sky suddenly turn black, billowing storm clouds continue to follow the call of whether it Thor thick or thin.

Spoiler warning: The Avengers: Endgame there is a shark figure as a joke? - Photo 8.

Thunder still obey the command Thor.

"Twist" point in this place, here! In response to a joke about the appearance of Thor, directed by the brothers Rousseau can deal always in the form of a ceremonial slot without the restoration of the standard super body. Thor has prestige bold move flexible attack propeller with this opposition.

It's more interesting and special, but perhaps not many people noticed, but between transit superhero Minister "delicious", there is resistance A "GUY sharks received intermittent critically hit by Thanos, after every fall back injury, the fat guy was still standing, holding tree Stormbreaker continue to do in the direction of the enemy – to keep the defense to protect the land.


Perhaps our perspective goes against the magazine Out. Jokes, sarcasm, which Thor suffered throughout the film, as a normal picture of chubby people. Tor can be freely yourself in 5 years, not even the courage of his failure. But when the moment came, the fierce battle beckons, two hammer magic still answer the jargon of the righteous, have a heart, whether it is fat or thin people.

Spoiler warning: The Avengers: Endgame there is a shark figure as a joke? - Photo 9.

As long as you have a fair heart, fat or thin it does not matter.

Meanwhile, the origin of the superhero more diverse, people, black, gay, then Thor slot ceremoniously Slovak beer belly image ply fight powerful not to lose anyone again, either as a new concept which Endgame wants to send the audience. Although a & # 39; emergence of us as failures of the past, "knock out" we are bad, where, when the heart of his fierce determination and justice, we still deserve to have a taste of a place in the ranks of the super hero. Who knows where to be, in the future Marvel present fat superhero … what?

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