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Gold Price Today 28/11: Investors flee, gold fell loose – Finance

Wednesday 9:28 am 11.28.2018 (GMT + 7)

At that time, 8 hours and 30 minutes, world gold prices fluctuated around the threshold of 1214 USD / oz, up to $ 9 as compared to the last trading session of the previous day.

Gold fell sharply in dollar terms to its highest level in nearly 2 weeks. This occurs immediately after the speech of US President Donald Trump I said yesterday that he was ready to apply additional tariffs on lot 267 billion of Chinese goods have left US rates.

This will happen if, if the negotiations that are between him and President Xi Jinping entirely agreed. According to Mr. Trump, when the United States imposed an additional 267 billion dollars in the rest of China, the tax rate will be 10% or 25%.

Trump wants his problems as Beijing opened the economy to American companies to compete equally. This, in his view with & # 39 is the only agreement that is accepted in the United States.

Earlier, the US imposed 10% to $ 200 billion in September, the Chinese goods, and promised to raise this figure to 25% of 2019/01/01. In contrast, China has introduced a total of $ 110 billion on US goods.

His speech to the Trump & # 39; was just a few days before the G20 summit. Donald Trump and US President Xi Jinping is expected to meet on the sidelines of the conference.

Gold Price Today 28/11: Investors flee, gold fell loose - 1

Gold plunged without brakes amid fears of intense trade between the US and China could get worse.

On the inside, in the early morning, the company Saigon Jewelry SJC gold price is the purchase / sale of 36.3 to 36.46 million / Liang, down VND20,000 / Tael compared to the previous close,

Rich gold early in the morning dropped to 30,000 dong / Tael and the current level of 36.32 to 36.42 million, located in the Dong / Tael.

This morning, the State Bank announced VND dollar exchange rate Center 22747 VND / USD, no changes compared to the last trading session.

Vietcombank rate is -23,390 to 23,300 VND / USD has not changed in comparison with yesterday.

Eximbank is currently listed way to buy and sell between 23,300 -23,380 VND / USD has not changed compared to the previous close.

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