Monday , April 12 2021

Haiphong: Being a stucco ceiling fell on his head, grader 3 1 emergency hospitalization | Working Online | LAODONG.VN

Plaques on the ceiling suddenly fell down that third graders Elementary School of Psychology 1C (Haiphong) were injured, emergency hospitalization.

27.11 pm, the exchange with PV, Nguyen Van Phuong – Chairman of the CPC Psychology (Vinh Bao Hai Phong) said: about 16.30 in the afternoon, in classes of class 1C elementary school psychology in the province occurred in a car accident, received three students injured.

Accordingly, while its role 1CA class preparing for the unexpected and a great touch of the ceiling fell 3 students, forcing them to go to an emergency situation.

"The accident occurred undesirable. Currently, the state of health of students in 3 classes 1C was good. Nevertheless, children continue to be treated in this way, we can not go back to school to be "- information about Mr. Fang.

Plaster on the ceiling area fell.
Plaster on the ceiling area fell.

On the question of why some degradation classes, the risk of accidents for students and teachers in the school, Mr. Fang He said: "The school has been closed for 3 classes are degraded. Classes have been built since 1978, and 40 years ago took place in such a situation. A few years ago, the local repair of classrooms, but only a temporary solution. The Refresh, it is not associated with the financing, but not local. "

According to Mr-Fang, to temporarily fix this, in addition to the closure of classrooms deterioration, latent risk of accidents, the school holds a monolayer. On the other hand, the school used in the halls, even the halls, the effect to make room training.

Also, according to g-Fang, immediately after the incident, the local government reported on what happened in the District People's Committee of Vinh Bao and waiting areas of the function block.

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