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Hanoi: Looming mining, extortion enterprise 5000000000


29/4, North Tu Liem District (Hanoi) arrested on & # 39; object Nguyen Ba Son (SN 1983, who lives in Yen Commune, Hoai So, Hanoi) to investigate the behavior of extorting property.

Hanoi: Looming mining, extortion enterprise 5000000000 - 1

Nguyen Ba Son of & # 39; object. (Photo: ANTD)

According to the investigation, before, 25/4, the representatives of the high-voltage (Address in clusters Liem industry, Minh Hai Ward, Bac Liem) report on the company was threatening message expropriation. Notification of strange & # 39; the objects were created by the mine company's headquarters and the cars the company's chairman.

The process of checking, the police determined to 04/10, on & # 39; object using facebook facebook account posts account of the Head of Communication Co. high voltage, transmission of images, objects of the Company's high-voltage production errors. This on the & # 39; an object requires companies to transfer 5 billion, which could hit the image on the web defects.

Representatives of high voltage does not agree that this proposal personally, to see whether the defective products of the company or not. However, subjects on which further does not meet the threats, require companies to transfer their money on demand.

24/4 until the evening, the audience continues to threaten, the message was produced in industrial premises at enterprises and a private car company chairman. Even on the & # 39; The object is also a private car license plates Chairman and sends blurred image capture, wherein said extracted on & # 39; an object factory.

Coordination with the armed forces of the review, the CAQ North Liem entirely detection of explosives in the factories of high voltage as well as chairman of the vehicle.

To professional measures, 29/4, CAQ North Liem identified, the cause of the & # 39; extortion threat objects obtained Nguyen Ba Son.

At the police department, initially, the son admitted blackmail company operates high voltage and just pretend that mined intimidate business.

Son to announce that he & # 39 is its head sawn from the factory, owned by Fung Inox high voltage, based on the industrial complex in the city of Feng, Dan Phuong district, Ha Noi. In recent years, because her sister had cancer, badly needed family circumstances, the Son wants to earn more money. Know the companies make edible Son threatens arise intention to rob the property.

The incident is still being clarified.

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