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Hong Nhung dramatic burnout with Catch En Rose


Hong Nhung dramatic fade from Catch En Rose - Picture 1.

Diva Hong Nhung become "Catch En Rose» in the musical repertoire – Photo: BTC

Hong Nhung succeeded Catch en Rose, flower variability musical repertoire of dramatic vocal style of playing and his gaudy clothes. although sometimes a little "play" too, but could not deny her repertoire more attractive, your own creativity.

Hong Nhung, such as her name, embodies the velvet roses in concert son III Huong theme, played out on the night of 30/03 at the National Center.

Here, each artist will emit a scent so your own. Besides Ha Nguyen Hong Nhung also the role of white lilies, My Mind with & # 39 is a rainbow and the United Universe 2007 – Riyo Mori, a representative of the cherry.

"Support" for the four singers, three Singer Tung Duong, Ha Anh Tuan, Pham Duy. They act like men appreciate a woman, how to cherish the beautiful flowers.

Tung Duong was a night demonstration seemed inner strength "crisis" of him when a Tao night, Music Money War ancient incense

Hong Nhung dramatic fade from Catch En Rose - Photo 2.

Singer Tung Duong Son kaleidoscope on stage III – Photo: BTC

Ha Anh Tuan, Voice not much advantage as Tung Duong, but he is a singer with aesthetics in the choice of songs, very clever in creating a car & # 39; EASURES for themselves.

My Tam ended son III with a series of songs in movies His assistant Mrs. she did and played a major role in recent years. Although still very standard correction accent in the center, and part of her image is very beautiful, but it's hard to deny her tone slightly offset compared to the program.

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