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Hundreds Troubles "driver's hell," no police | events


The area fell 4 Hoi Bai – Highway 51 route Hoi Bai – Toc Tien, "on purpose" gang gathered monstrous race.

Late 29.3, in line Hoi Bai – Toc Tien, right at the gas station number 23, in the communes of Tan Hoa (TX.Phu My, Ba Ria – Vung Tau), hundreds of young men riding cars "HELL drivers were" institutions "stand roadside Hoi Bai – Toc Tien.
At this time, almost 30 "driver hell 'with & # 39 is halfway, Net Depot" knock "opponents bloody speed. Only minutes later, add a handful of "riders" from the curb Net Depot said, run the "racetrack" is ready for the speed monitor.
Hundreds shocks "hell driver" no police - photo 1 "data SRC =

Motorcycle "mode" only the frame

Photo: Nguyen Long

Initially, each pair of pure Depot race car performance and handling head speed. Further, 3 cars, 5 cars, even the 8 car while accelerating, loading became uncontrollably work. The roaring sound of a car exhaust, darkness torn quiet makes people in this area are very indignant.

Many cars, tank cars carrying gasoline, trucks have to stop to give way to "hell driver" express speed. A moment later, when the "hell driver" washed away the roadside, car, tanker gasoline, new cars may continue.
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Passenger cars must run on a roadside gas station waiting for "hell driver" new finished performing pass

Photo: Nguyen Long

As noted by PV youth, From 23 hours to 30 days 0 hours 20 days 29.3 to 30.3, with hundreds of young people gathered in the street Bai Ha – Toc Tien, to "cheer" for "hell driver» Speed ​​Racer.

The car accelerates up to speed very quickly, in just a few seconds can run hundreds of meters. One "hell driver" said Assembly Race 2 weeks, 3 weeks at a time, but do not participate.

Many local residents are forced to endure racing, live in the life of the security alarm whenever you want on the street, was very upset when the scene of a riot around the highway, racing horrors from the latest Association of the road – Toc Tien like, but there is not a shadow of power traffic police to prevent and deal with irregularities.

Hundreds shocks "hell driver" no police - photo 3 "According to the SRC =

Roadside crowds waiting to see "Hell Driver" performances

Photo: Nguyen Long

Hundreds shocks "hell driver" no police - photo 4 "According to the SRC =

Many of the "hell driver" young, not to wear a helmet

Photo: Nguyen Long

30.3 days, exchange with PV youth Nguyen Van That, chairman TX.Phu America, confirmed the situation of boys gathered in the streets of Hoi Bai – Toc Tien perform high-speed vehicles often makes people very important.

TX.Phu US Committee also directed the local police to crack down town to prevent this situation recurring. However, because some sections of the road Hoi Bai – Toc Tien sparsely populated, a spontaneous race should make it very difficult for the target group. When you get a status report to gather racing forces fled to the processing function, "the driver of hell" was disbanded.

After receiving the information Reporter youth reflection, before the end of 30.3, police were sent to the US TX.Phu dozen employees of the criminal police and the police to arrest the civilian youth groups gathered speeches, illegal road race at the Union post – Toc Tien.

"However, late at night 30.3 and 31.3 only about 20 young people gathered, but then dissolved," said a leading US TX.Phu police.

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