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"I'm not mad at you …"


(SAO) In the afternoon of 30/3, Province Chairman Nguyen Van Phong Hung Yen has written straight branches to urgently handle the functions of school violence incident in the school Base Phu Ung An area of ​​examination.

According to the deputy chairman of Hung Yen Nguyen Duy Hung, after press reports in high school cases Fu Una, Province aimed departments: education, work – Invalids and Social Affairs, provincial health police and district People's Committee in Thi actively solve the case.

In particular, KPPY require the Department of Education and Training in coordination with DPC Thi emphasis on the implementation of urgent measures to stabilize the situation in the near future to clarify the collective responsibility of the person concerned and to the incident in Phu Una.

Point of view the province is treated suras & # 39; ozna wrong, where cure prescribed for the protection of subjects and disciplines in schools and psychologically stable for teachers and students peace of mind to learn,

Truong Phu Ung high school where the incident has caused public outrage

In the case of Nguyen Thi H.Y. a group of the violence, the province has asked the Department of Health to send a mental hospital provincial interest and support, treatment and care possible to children early recovery, stabilization of psychology, good health to stay in school.

The province also requires the Department of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs promptly implement measures to protect children under the law for students with violence; Children attending Y. organizations and there & # 39; and.

Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Hung Yen, Nguyen Thi H.Y. said, Now my spirit, regardless of whether that unusual. After the incident in the classroom 22/3 days, you hit me group apologized to the witness of teachers and friends; At the same time, you also promised to continue to never teased and beat me again. So you are no longer angry with you, and will soon go to school.

Hung Yen provincial leaders in hospital visits, gifts for girls Y.

According to Nguyen Van Tinh, director of the hospital neuropsychiatric Hung Yen province, something you & # 39; I Yu lead to hospitalization 26/3 hours. First you have expressed concern, sometimes referred to as headaches and panic. I was active physicians are interested, do tests, combined treatment of psychotherapy and treatment regimens.

So far, after three days of treatment, your health condition has progressed, there are not sleeping well, psychologically stable, no longer worried and wept when a new headache in the hospital. The hospital continues to perform the steps necessary for Y. early discharge and return to normal life.

Also in the afternoon of 30/3, Province Deputy Chairman Nguyen Duy Hung Hung Yen provincial and Industry visited function immediately Nguyen Thi H.Y. Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Hung Yen province. Nguyen Duy Hung together, encouraged me Y. wellness, without thinking about it again, waiting for me strong, to overcome the difficulties in the near future to return to school, to put yourself a good school, sociable with friends.

As previously reported, 22/3, Nguyen Thi H.Y. 9A grader school Phu Ung base of a group of girls was evaluated in the same class council. This group of girls stripped of her clothes and hair pulling, pushing consistent in the face of a man.

For some of them said the same class, so you V. shy, taciturn should or bullying other students and was also previously Y. you hit. According to some & # 39; and Y., at the end of this incident, I was shocked by some psychological Yu & # 39; I have to take him for treatment in a psychiatric hospital, Hung Yen.

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