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In the & # 39; etnam Tel: Goods weakness, it should be called Alexander Dang Park?


In the & # 39; etnam Tel: Goods weakness, it should be called Alexander Dang Park?

In the & # 39; etnam silent gun attack

Only one month, the King's Cup in Thailand in 2019 will take place. List convene in the & # 39; etnam Tel coach Park Hang Seo is going to be announced. However, one problem is that the military situation Koreans headache. It was the striker with his pupil "guts" it is not a good form of Cong Phuong although given the opportunity to play regular football in the K-League, but no goals yet Phase set reasonable he & # 39;.. Was the only practice match, instead of the anonymous official match .

While at AT & # 39; etname Van Germany can not recover from the trauma. Nguyen An example new veteran goals scored 3 (one of which come with a penalty). Linh Tien more than one phase of the public float. At the same time, SHB Da Nang coach Le Huynh Tinh So Germany is constantly criticized for, in order to achieve high style.

Forward & # 39; etnam not in good shape in V.League

Fortunately, the two players listed in the & # 39; etnama attacked Mr. Park convene earlier Quang Hai Van Toan and still get a consistent performer. If Van Toan has scored 4 goals in Quang Hai Hagl, showing the ability to create and score goals regularly in Hanoi FC shirt color.

Unfortunately, they are not from the & # 39 are the people who play striker – a position coach Park Hang Seo concerned.

A chance for Alexander Dang?

At a time when striker in the & # 39; etnam not in the best shape, then in Norway, presentation by Alexander Dang shows excellent goal. Players announce that & # 39; etnam scored in the last two rounds. In the 4th round of Alexander Deng, who scored the only goal in the defeat Nest Sotra before KFUM. Recently, 29 players have created a 2-0 victory over rival Ullensaker.

With a height of 185 cm, good in the air and a good dribbling, scorer in the first division in Norway deserves to get attention from the coach park Hanga Seo. Striker himself has repeatedly expressed his desire to be blocked in the & # 39; etnam soon. But, as Filip Nguyen, Alexander Dang The & # 39; etnam has no nationality.

Alexander Deng scored 2 goals in a row of 2 matches

In addition, the player has at the age of 29 years, they have two bars & # 39; EPA that Alexander could not realize the dream of Dan hometown announced blocked.

However, with the opening of the Football Federation of B & # 39; etnama and coach Park Hang of search engine optimization, Alexander Dang quite possible opportunity in the near future. Recently, Mr. Park was a "green light" to talk directly with Philip Nguyen in June next. Who knows when the striker in the & # 39; etnam not out & # 39 is a good form, he will see Alexander Dang park as a potential for the plan in 2022 World Cup qualifiers will be held from May 9-11 here.

Respectable scorer ability Overseas Vietnamese striker Alexander Dang

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