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In the & # 39; etnam well or, Lam "West" tepid-unbeaten Football

Wednesday 11/28/2018 1:10 am (GMT + 7)

Page 3 FOX Sports Asia to honor the best goalkeeper of AFF Cup 2018 group stage, including goalkeeper Dang Van Lam Tel B & # 39; etnam.

Lam sublimation representation "West" and training in the & # 39; etnama in the first round of the AFF Cup 2018 (Copyright Next Media, broadcast VTC)

Cup AFF 2018 group stage ended with four teams are worthy include: AT & # 39; etnam and Malaysia in Group A in Table Thailand and Philippines capital B. Page FOX Sports Asia very closely tournaments, also voted on a number of issues, such as the round table team , foot ball the best, the most beautiful goals, both teams even bleed their biggest supporter.

Asian newspaper: In the & # 39; etnam well or, Forestry and # 34; West & # 34; Cushy invincible - 1

3 goalkeeper was awarded in the first round

Recently, writer Akshat Mehrish FOX Sports Asia to post more articles Best Goalkeeper round, Hassan Sunny (Singapore) is mentioned first, and himself and the team. Although the national team was eliminated Lion Island, performances goalkeeper Hassan Sunny's really impressive.

Game 360 ​​minutes (4-round matches), Hasan Sunny was 9 saves time (rate 64.3%). Singapore get 5 goals were missed due to a system error, but the goalkeeper 34 individuals completely good game situation, he defeated no chance to make a clearance. If Hassan is not outstanding, Indonesia Singapore hard won, lost 1-0 Philippines bold instead.

A similar situation occurred Kyaw Zin Htet purpose of M & # 39; yanmy. In 4 games, it collided with 22 points, 17 times ending work relating to 77.3% of clearance. Especially in the & # 39; etnam 0-0, this is a great goalkeeper with hoists to perfection. But I gave it a lack of stability of the M & # 39; yanmy through the group stage.

Surname was named goalkeeper Investment Dang Van Lam in the & # 39; etnam. Lam case of "the West" is very special because, although it is white the network in the first round, but not without effort. As the FOX Sports Asia: «Dang Van Lam, of course, a big favor by playing the style of the home team." The truth is ahead of rivals in Group A, B, & # 39; etnam always on foot or in a high degree of security for gates Van Lam.

Asian newspaper: In the & # 39; etnam well or, Forestry and # 34; West & # 34; tepid unbeaten - 2

Van Lama did not have many opportunities to display their talents

In particular, against Laos and Cambodia, Van Lam almost does not move of course, if the dimensional stone in Tel & # 39; etnam. Before M & # 39; yanmay, waves for the ball also moderate. Encountered fierce rivals Malaysia, in the & # 39; etnam Tel match that 2-0, Lam "West" to work most, but according to statistics, he is entitled to 2 times before blossoming, with & # 39 is the most impressive shot flying Cumbrian kick following 58 minutes.

However Downstream article, FOX Sports Asia is confirmed, Wang Lama set up his own impression, even wrote: "Goalkeeper In the & # 39; etnama unbeaten in the literal and figurative sense, he began a full 360 minutes without conceding a time gap of 7 times."

Clear No. 1 goalie in the & # 39; etnam body there is no funding in some cases, from a team experience. Philippines will meet in the semi-finals, before the tall players naturalization, Lam «West" can be tricky, but the class is ready to shine.

AFF national team is better: Only Cong Phuong in & # 39; etnam, An example was fair?

Asian Letters launched Fox Sports Team Cup off in the first round in 2018.

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